full moon eclipseEclipse Season is upon us. This partial Lunar Eclipse, happening at 12:11pm MST on August 7th, at 15 degrees Aquarius, is leading us into the Eclipse Portal of The Total Solar Eclipse of Aug. 21st. Use this time to prepare yourself to leap forward.

With four planets and the North Node in fire signs, things are heating up. We are being called to activate and with all this Leo energy, that means it’s time to shine.sun-light

We are having an opportunity to leap onto our most optimal timeline during this Eclipse cycle. That is a life worth living, where you are doing what you love. Aquarius wants to help the community. We are being called to divine service which means it’s time to stop playing small and start expressing our own unique gifts. The way forward into the Aquarian Age is about activation into the reality of our individual expression of the divine.aquarius

Some of us are discovering our gifts, some of us are honing them. Some of us are meeting our True Self for the first time. Eclipses illuminate and reveal. This Eclipse season is about coming into the Truth of who we really are.

We are still feeling the exact Jupiter square to Pluto. This full moon is an opportunity to gain clarity, and see the truth about what we need to let go of in order to step on our path. New relationships are coming. The soul family is coming back together. Which means there may be some relationships that it might be time to let fall away.fun

Mercury is getting ready to turn retrograde, slowing down, at the time of this Full Moon. We are receiving massive activating energies from our Sun, and there is a fire under our butt, with all these planets in fire signs. But Mercury retrograde is urging us to slow down and allow ourselves to integrate, to clean up old ties, cleanse and heal, in order to catapult forward. Mercury will turn direct on September 5th, so don’t expect anything about this next month to really make sense until after that.

Be sure to check out the Guided Mediation for this Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse!

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