Wow. Intense. Times. Intense in a good way. We are having a collective spiritual awakening. Are you feeling it? The next 6 weeks has some powerful astrology with the 7th exact of the Pluto Uranus square and two full eclipses. Eclipses are about what needs to be revealed, and with all this Pisces energy, it has to do with illusion and the power of the collective mind. Humanity is on the verge of a great discovery. It is brewing under the surface, like the seeds that begin to stir under the Earth in the Northern era earth

This month brings Full Solar Eclipse (March 20) and the Spring Equinox just one day apart. It’s a new season in a new planetary era. Time to set our new course. Up to six planets in fire signs continue to ‘cook’ us as we are forced to rapidly grow and transform. Here are some key concepts revealed in the current astrology that can help us to orient ourselves amid these shifting energies.

Spiritual Awakening – The 7th of 7 Pluto Uranus Square happening this month bringing an an opportunity for a collective crown chakra activation. Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo are telling us it is time to understand ourselves within a larger scope. More stars than all the sand.sand

Waking Up From the Illusion – On March 5th, there is a Full Moon in Virgo, which opposes the Sun and Neptune, together in Pisces. Virgo wants to understand, heal and fix. It keeps the illusion in check with reality. The Full Solar Eclipse on March 20th at 3:46 am MST., is at 29 degrees Pisces.  Eclipses bring forward what has been ‘eclipsed’ from our awareness, and in this case it has to do with a completion of the Piscean Age. We are still feeling the square between Saturn and Neptune, these are the builder and the dissolver. It is time to figure out what is real and what it fantasy. The information about understanding the Aquaruian Age is still coming in from Mercury the messenger, who returns to his pre-retrograde position on March 4th, and remains in Aquarius until March 13. Later in the month Mercury conjuncts Neptune, and then Chiron, in Pisces on the 18th, and 24th, right around the Equinox. It is time to understand more about our reality that is an illusion, or the illusion that is our reality…or earth

Making Dreams Real – Saturn square Neptune is calling us out on our illusions, but also our dreams. Saturn in Sagittarius says it is time to get going on building our big dreams, to stop fantasizing and bring them into reality. The fire element activates us into action, but the Sun in Pisces (until Mar. 20th) wants to rest and ruminate on it a little more. The Sun in Aries and the waxing moon of the last part of the month will bring great desire for action. Mars is in Aries the whole month of March, and with a fool’s flare, moves into Taurus on April 1. A Full Moon Eclipse on April 4th and Jupiter turning direct on April 8, adds dramatically to this Spring’s astrology. With the YOD pointing so much energy at Jupiter in Leo, this April could be like a slingshot, forward…and very likely a completely different direction than you expected, but surely in the direction of your greatest dreams. What we really want, deep in our heart, is pulling at our strings.

Divine Alignment – Things are lining up. Jupiter trining Uranus (exact on March 3rd) brings unexpected magic and a feeling of luck and support from the Universe. Before Venus and Mars trigger the big Pluto Uranus Square, they each come into a trine with Uranus as well. We have no choice but to align with the path that takes us towards our most amazing life. The changes you are going through are so you can better love, so you can better enjoy your life. The enchantment of the upcoming untold story is much better than the uncomfortable uncertainty. Celebrate the mystery of the journey. Take a leap of faith into your future. Uranus in Aries asks us to stay in wonder and Jupiter in Leo is bringing the confidence to jump into the unknown.fool tarotDebriefing the Identity Revolution – February’s Saturn square Neptune is having strong reverberations as we question what is real and what we really want. Venus and Mars are powerful triggers the Uranus in Aries Identity Revolution. We are waking up on a whole new level and many of us are beginning to understand who we really are for the first time. Holy disclosure! We are the Devil and we are God and we are projecting the holographic paradigm and therefore we must have the power to change it.

Harmonizing Opposing Forces – As Below, So Above. What part of the whole do we reject as ‘evil’ in ourselves? What part is it that we hide and deny and keep hidden in the depths, that we keep around to criticize ourselves? It is time to remake the relationship with the shadow within. Right around the Equinox, Mercury comes up to Chiron in Pisces. 2015 is when Chiron, the wounded healer, gets a facelift. We are no longer choosing to be defined by the pain of our past. We are having and opportunity to heal the pains of our past to the point that they have no charge, no energy in our life. In essence, attaining an understanding so deep, that the pains of our past become a gift. Then you can move past the pain, almost as if it never happened. We come into innocence within ourselves when we make peace with our inner enemy.mars and venus joined

Venus and Mars, our planets of the feminine and masculine, stay relatively close together in Aries in the first part of March. Their February conjunction brought potential for healing relationships, including the relationship to self. This month, one after another, these polarizing planets, come into a trine, first with Jupiter, next withUranus, triggering the Pluto Uranus Square. The changes that are coming from the astrology of our time have to do with releasing our need for an enemy. We are having an opportunity to come out of duality consciousness as we realize the bad guy is also within. We have no choice to find compassion and forgiveness, as we begin to seeing everything in our outer world as a reflection of what is within.

Connection to the One Consciousness – Well, if you want to see it that way. Humanity, we are being faced with a choice to adopt in our reality what the scientists have proven to us, or to continue to live in illusion and separation. The Sun, in the beginning of the month, and Mercury, in the second part, both conjunct Neptune, and then Chiron, in Pisces. This is bringing us face to face with the reality of the bad dream of our collective past, but at the same time catapulting us into the future by triggering the YOD formation which points to Jupiter in Leo. Things are coming into focus. We are beginning to understand why. Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius are shifting our awareness to the greater expanse of reality. All of this Pisces energy is keeping us focused on the collective consiousness. We are a part of something much much bigger, but which also exists in it’s entirety, in a fractal form, within. We have access to everything. This is a perfect meditation for this Pisces cycle…How do we go about building a society around the truth of Oneness Consciousness in this new Age of Aquarius?

Creative Passion – Eros, the asteroid of creative passion is comes up to Uranus in Aries on March 19th, the day before the Solar Eclipse. The revolution of our identity has to do with activating our passions. This is saying that the breakdown and shakedown of the Pluto Uranus Square will be in the area of what currently stands in the way of your unique creative expression of your deep life desires. A conjunction with asteriod Vesta, representing the sacred fire within, brings the clarifyer, quantifier Mercury together with the passions of the heart. The Revolution is a passionate, creative Revolution. Venus and Mars hanging out in Aries for most of the month only add fire to the flame. Venus moves home into Taurus, a few days before the Equinox, when the Sun takes her place in Aries on Mar. 21st. The fire energy continues strong through April.AA034612

Explosive Transformation – The fire in the sky is like the first warm rays of Sun warming your face in Spring.  Up to 6 planets in fire signs this month is sure to get the energy of transformative change flowing.

Adrienne Elise is a Spiritual Intuitive Healer and Teacher. Contact Adrienne: