About Adrienne Elise

Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher, as well as a professional Astrologer. Adrienne is passionate about helping the ‘bright light souls’ of this world find their way home to themselves. Adrienne has coined these souls ‘SuperNova Souls’, an apt description for their inevitable experience of rapid spiritual awakening. SuperNova Souls are on the cutting edge of spiritual ascension. Adrienne’s work has become focused on supporting these souls, and connecting them back together with their Soul Tribe.

Adrienne is a lifelong student of the spiritual, and a dedicated planetary visionary. She is a Classical Homeopath and Waldorf-Trained Teacher.

The Beginning

Adrienne began her spiritual journey as a traveler and seeker. In her 20’s, Adrienne connected with others who were interested in starting an intentional community. But she found that there were too many interpersonal and world issues that kept this dream from happening. This led her to an interest in alternative Education, thinking that if we start with the children in the right way, we would have a better chance of establishing healthy communities. She became a Waldorf Certified Teacher through the Waldorf Teacher Training at the Eugene Waldorf School in Oregon.

Specializing in Early Childhood Education, she ran a home Waldorf Pre-School and also led Parent/Child and Parent/Infant groups. Adrienne went on to become a professional artist and Silk Painter, a skill she learned in the Waldorf Teacher Training.

An Intuitive Calling

It was at this point that Adrienne discovered her fascination for health, and enrolled in a distance learning program in Classical Homeopathy. She received a Practitioner Diploma from the School of Homeopathy in Devon, UK. As Adrienne began working with clients, she found herself debilitated by her energetic sensitivity, feeling every symptom of her patients, in her very own body! This led her to seek out Psychic Training, in order to learn safe and healthy intuitive boundaries.

As soon as she completed her Psychic Training, Adrienne began to teach these skills to others, who also found themselves crippled by their energetic over-sensitivity. She found that these Intuitive Skills are a game-changer for these super-empath, SuperNova Souls.

The Intuitive Empowerment Institute

Adrienne founded the Intuitive Empowerment Institute. As she expands her own intuitive knowledge and abilities, Adrienne has continued to develop and refine this Intuitive Training curriculum. Adrienne now offers Intuitive Training Level I, and Intuitive Training Level II, which with mentorship, can lead to a Professional Certification as an ‘Intuitive Healing Facilitator’ (IHF).

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Work With Adrienne

Adrienne offers Intuitive Healing Sessions, individual sessions that look at past life pictures as a way to offer deep soul healing. These sessions include Contract Clearing, Timeline Alignment, Soul Group Work, and Soul Retrieval opportunities. Adrienne also offers Intuitive Astrology Readings, looking at the birth chart to more deeply understand soul gifts and past life patterns.

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Gaia Updates

In 2011, Adrienne started supporting her clients with video updates of current energies. Today, her YouTube channel has grown to over 13,000 subscribers. Adrienne continues to offer regular Astrology updates, with her ‘finger on the pulse’ of current planetary energies.

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Other Ways To Connect

Adrienne leads regular group events, offering Live Activations for the New and Full Moons, and periodic ‘Soul Group Sessions’, group Intuitive Sessions that look at shared past life energies. Adrienne’s mission is to offer empowering information to support as many SuperNova Souls as possible. She is passionate about helping these SuperNova Souls find each other, and get to work on the amazing projects they came here to do.

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