Mercury is moving over into Libra tomorrow. We are examining concepts around harmony, balance and Justice. Venus, feminine ruler of Libra, is feeling over sensitive at the end degrees of Cancer. She is in square to impatient, masculine Mars at home in Aries. Our masculine is trying to claim back full access to life force.

We are examining the tension of opposites, and potentials to shift out of duality consciousness. While the rest of the world seems to be getting more and more polarized, SuperNova Souls are being given a powerful opportunity to unleash the mysteries of the alchemy of opposites. The perfect balance of enlightened masculine and feminine, can bring us back home to wholeness.

The masculine is fighting for empowerment and motion, but now has to take a step back as Mars prepares to turn retrograde next week. Venus is stepping into the light as she moves into the sign of Leo. This completes a long, dark, confusing, and lonely time for the feminine. For far too long, the enlightened voice of compassionate reason has been suppressed. She has been silenced, and it is time for the Goddess to rise, take of the muzzle, and sing for truth and justice once again.