A SuperNova is a very bright, exploding star, which “emits a vast amount of energy”.

The SuperNova Soul has often gotten the message that they are ‘too much’.

Because SuperNova Souls have been targeted as lightworkers and healers in past lives, this keeps them playing small and turning down their light.

But you, SuperNova Soul, are NOT too much, you are perfectly bright…and exactly what the Earth needs right now!

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SuperNova stars aren’t actually new, they just “weren’t seen before they started to explode”. The SuperNova Soul has been hiding from their potential, and programmed and conditioned to keep their light turned down. This has led the SuperNova Soul to doubt their greater potential and spiritual path. Hiding their light, has also kept them hidden from their true self and purpose, and from their soul group!

SuperNova stars are “so heavy, they can’t stand their own gravitational force.” SuperNova Souls have a sense that they came here for a greater purpose and expression, and yet feel a profound disconnection from this greater self, often leading them to feel empty and alone.

SuperNova Souls have had many evolutionary experiences, before even coming to Earth. They carry the DNA codes for spiritual ascension, and are here to lead the way for humanity. But because SuperNova Souls are often disconnected from this greater self and knowing, it can lead them to feel dark and depressed.

Eventually the SuperNova star is “triggered into an runaway nuclear fusion.” Inevitably SuperNova Souls encounter a time of ‘rapid spiritual awakening’, when their bigger star self starts to land home, and the rest of their life stops making sense. It can be quite disconcerting, and yet this awakening is the true path of the SuperNova Soul.

A SuperNova is a star “in it’s last evolutionary stages”. It explodes, either into a “white dwarf”, or “becomes the material from which new stellar and planetary systems are formed.” This is an apt description of the spiritual devotion, and service to Earth Evolution, of the SuperNova Soul.

You, SuperNova Soul, have come here for THIS! You have come there to lead the way in spiritual ascension, even if your life up to this point, and the people around you, can’t identify or support this truth.

The energies on the Earth are changing, which means it is time for you to be the star you are! The current energies can support your true path as a leader, in this crucial time of spiritual evolution.

It’s time to BE THE STAR YOU ARE!



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