The January 4th Full Moon forms a T-Square with our major generational game changers that you keep hearing about, Pluto and Uranus. This is significant because we sit between the last exact square (#6 December 14, 2014), and the next and last exact square (#7 March 16th, 2015) of these planets. These big time players stay less than a degree apart over a four month period, separating only as Pluto goes retrograde on April 17th, 2015.

The Universe wants to make sure we got the message on this one. Uranus the awakener, planet of lightning-fast change and sudden disruption, is in the sign of Aries, the self. Pluto, the destroyer and planet of core truth is in the sign Capricorn, which is about authority and structures. These big slow-moving generational planets in a 90 degree angle to each other, meeting seven times over four years, mean business.  If you did not yet get the message that it is time to let go of the structures of your life that are no longer serving you, now you will. This can be an unsettling time, but also a very exciting time. This whole year is marked by a lot of fire and earth energy.  It is time for the Earth and her inhabitants to begin to activate and no one is left unaffected.

It was a conjunction of these planets that was said to bring on the social changes of the late 60’s. But it is important to note that these changes didn’t really start showing up until the planets began to separate.  They are so big and so slow moving that the effects are felt much after the actual events.  In April these planets begin to separate out of this square for good.  So now the fun can begin.  Humanity, is it finally time to start seeing the oh-so needed dramatic changes in our world that many of us have been asking for? How can we expect the systems of our world to dissolve, crash and rebuild into something new, if we are not willing to let this happen in our own individual lives?fault line

If you have resisted major changes in your life up until now, you are sure to get a taste of that medicine before the end of 2015.  A great thing is that this year we have a lot of support for these changes to be timely, harmonious and come with increased clarity and internal understanding. This is a welcome shift from the feeling that many of us have had over the last few years…like standing there powerless as we watch our lives fall apart before our eyes.the tower

The late 60’s was a revolutionary time.  People were standing up for social justice and truth, hallmarks of the sign of Aquarius, which Uranus rules. We saw demonstrations and a push-back of violence from the structures, whose practices were being brought to light. Uranus in Aries, the sign of the self and identity, makes this revolution one that must happen within each of us individually. The revolution we are seeking is an inner revolution.

The Full Moon on January 4th is in Cancer, opposite the Sun in Capricorn, sitting right next to Pluto. The T-square is formed in Cardinal signs, the ‘starters’ or ‘instigators’, telling us that 2015 is more than just a new year, it is the beginning of a New Era.

The asteroid Vesta will also be near the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn making the January 4th Full Moon a dramatic entry into 2015.  Vesta represents our sacred fire within.  She is about focus, dedication and commitment. She burns in us. She is our deepest inner-most desires, what we long for. She is dedicated to purpose and passion. Vesta urges us to activate our creativity to keep our inner fire alive.  2015 is prime time to get going on rearranging our lives to support expression of our sacred, creative inner fire. The inner revolution is a creative activation and exactly what we need to take back our world.  vesta

Another asteroid, Pallas Athene, will be close to Saturn in the first degrees of Sagittarius at the time of the Full Moon. Pallas Athene is a strong-willed Goddess of wisdom, willing to act on her own devices. She is known as a warrior, but also for her art of diplomacy. It is quite a positive omen having Pallas Athene hanging out with Saturn ruler of Capricorn, which represents issues of authority, in Sagittarius, our sign of expansive thinking and spiritual understanding. 2015 brings us an opportunity for each of us to come into a new personal, spiritual authority. 

Pallas Athene goes on to square up with Neptune in Pisces on January 10th, bringing empowerment to the weak-willed part of all of us. We can save our planet when the feminine creative aspect within each of us is willing to ‘get some balls’. Pallas Athene brings healing integration of a past based on duality. Pallas is helping us to understand and heal the wounds of the past age of Pisces. We are being called to move forward in a new definition of authority.  Pallas Athene is a perfect guardian for the entry into 2015 and the Aquarian Age and brings forward one of the major themes of 2015, balancing of sexual polarity and the integration of masculine and feminine, . She, like Aquarius, stands for social justice and defends wisdom and truth. She speaks of the potential to unify opposing forces and represents an ability to take responsibility for creating one’s own experiences. It is time for humanity to take responsibility for what we have created in order to move beyond judgment and into the Aquarian Age of self governed authority.  Pallas_Athena_by_Humisect

This theme of harmonizing opposing forces is also represented by three conjunctions of Venus and Mars over the course of 2015. The first conjunction of our ‘female’ and ‘male’ planets happens on the magical day of 2/22 at 0 degrees Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Everywhere the stars are saying that 2015 is a new beginning, a new cycle of potential empowerment. It is the end of the ‘battle of the sexes’.battle of the sexes

A few days later Mars and Venus both trine Saturn, who recently moved into Sagittarius. The last two years of Saturn in Scorpio made great work of the delving into and cleaning up our shadow. These planets harmoniously trine Saturn on the same day that the Sun crosses over Neptune at home in Pisces, representing our collective consciousness. Now the shadow work comes to the collective. We must create a new identity in our collective consciousness by waking up from the illusion of separation and harmonizing the opposing forces within. sex_battle

The conflict of this world is held in place by opposing forces.  What happens when these forces decide to make peace, becoming opposites without opposition, a sacred marriage? The three conjunctions of Mars and Venus in 2015 are telling us that it is time for Mommy and Daddy to heal their differences. It is time for the feminine to lose it’s alliance with the victim archetype and for the masculine to chill out and start talking about his emotions. 2015 is a year of the Empowered Warrior Goddess and the Compassionate Divine Masculine to have a big party and lead our world into wisdom and transformation. The leveling of this playing field indicates that we are ready to move into an entirely new level of consciousness, timed perfectly with our entrance into the Aquarian Age.male female krishna shakti

Mercury is helping us to gather more information about this transition, as it retrogrades in Aquarius from January 22 (there’s that number again!) to February 12, passing over the Sun in Aquarius at the end of the month. The retrograde allows Mercury to linger in Aquarius for over two months until it moves into Pisces on March 13th.  Just before it turns retrograde, it stations close to the Sun and the Moon and Venus, all in Aquarius.  It’s like a council, a gathering of the minds to figure out what in the heck this wacky Aquarian energy is all about. Venus and Mercury cross over each other on January 12th but stay close together until the 17th. This cycle is helping us understand more about how to move forward in this new age.  Mercury the ‘messenger’ returns to it’s pre-retrograde position on March 4th. This and a bunch of other stuff happening in the next few months is sure to bring a ‘spring’ to our step this Spring. spring in step

There is a powerful trine between Jupiter and Uranus this year which happens for the first time on March 3rd, and again on June 22nd (22!!). This aspect is said to bring forward energy of breakthroughs, serendipity and magic. This will put a sweet, clarifying light on the changes that may be demanded of us as a result of our inner revolution and Vesta’s impulse of clarity of what we really want. Because these are big, slow moving planets, we will be feeling this influence for about a month between February 20th to mid-March, and again from early June until early July.

In May, asteroid Juno conjuncts Jupiter in Leo. Juno represents the essence of true partners of equality. Are you getting the theme for 2015? We are seeing it over and over again. What happens when empowered individuals and leaders start working together in harmonious partnerships? There is great potential for us to begin to see positive change on the planet this year. Juno is trusting and willing to honor and support others, to accept the truth of others, representing mutual support and unconditional love.

There is also a rare and powerful formation called a ‘Yod’ that will also be influencing us during this time. This is formed by a Sextile (60 degree) angle between Chiron and Pluto, both making an interesting angle to Jupiter in Leo, pulling against them on the other side of the wheel. This will also happen again in September. The relationship between these planets in this Yod or ‘finger of God’ formation speaks to a deep urging to complete the intense, transformative process that has been triggered by the astrology of the past couple of years. We have been preparing the ground, and now it is time for the Initiation.

This is punctuated by some powerful squares between Neptune, ruler of Pisces in Pisces and Saturn, our planet of karma and duty. We are being asked to take the good of the Piscean Age, our awareness of the collective consciousness, and leave the bad, the domineering controlling religious and political forces that have kept us in conflict, guilt, poverty, martyr and despair. Both Chiron, the wounded healer, also in Pisces, and Neptune, turn retrograde less than two weeks from each other in June for most of the rest of the year, offering a healing examination of the past so we can better reorient ourselves towards the future.chiron victim

Saturn and Neptune come within 2 degrees of each other in February, but don’t make an exact aspect until November.  We will be feeling this influence from February 10th through the 18th, a powerful lead up to Chinese New Year on February 19th, Uranus trine Jupiter, and the activating Yod.  Add in the Pluto Uranus exact square on March 16th ,a Total Solar Eclipse on March 20th, as well as a Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4th and this Spring is looking quite exciting!

The Spring 2015 Eclipse cycle won’t be complete until the New Moon on April 18th, the day after Pluto goes retrograde, beginning the separation of Pluto and Uranus out of the Square. The period of time between early February until the end of April 2015 is particularly activating. Pay attention to intuitive nudges and look for synchronistic guidance! Take advantage of this powerful time by being willing to surrender to the changes in your outer life that your inner revolution is now demanding.

February 19, 2015 marks Chinese New Year where we move from the Year of the Horse into the Year of the Sheep. Sheep, you say? Sheeple, does that mean? It could…that is what we must decide.  Are we going to stand up in our own creatively activated individual authority and take back our planet, together as a herd, or are we going to continue to be sleeping sheeple? There is a rise in abortions in China during the year of the Sheep. It is said to be the least desired sign to be born under in the Chinese zodiac. Those born in the Year of the Sheep are said to be unlucky, passive, and prone to unhappiness and failed relationships. They are followers, not leaders.sheep goat

Except so many planets in 2015 are dancing on the Aquarius-Leo Axis of empowered leadership. This influence is calling our inspired spiritual leaders to the world stage, and each of us into greater personal authority. This is a huge theme of 2015, especially highlighted by Mars in Aquarius opposing Jupiter in Leo on January 1. It is time for expansive action and confident expression from our true leaders. And lets be clear this is not referring to the jokers that our ruling our world right now.

The Yod is another factor pulling our powerful, innovative thinking leaders out of the shadows and onto the stage. We will be feeling this from early February until mid-March and then again in September. This is an aspect about surrendering to the power of the divine. It is an activating force for our spiritual teachers, healers and leaders. In order for you guys (you know who you are) to step into the limelight and into your power, the activating energy and clarification of this Yod is necessary. Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces sandwich Aquarius across from Jupiter in Leo asking ‘Who will lead us into the Aquarian Age?’,  ‘Who will help guide us in becoming our own empowered authority?’you spiritual leader

It is time to drop any stigmas or issues around being a spiritual healer or teacher out on the big stage in the bright of day, something that was not really welcomed in the Piscean Age. We need let go of all of those painful lifetimes of persecution, get over the fear of being seen for who we really are, and be willing to step into our path of destiny.  Chiron is getting redefined in 2015 as humanity collectively moves into release of the victim mentality, from wounded-healer to already-healed-empowered-leader healer. Humanity needs its compassionate, intuitive healers and teachers to step up to the plate…to come forward and lead the way in this re-imagination of our collective consciousness.

Venus is a big player in this leadership axis, spending most of the summer in activating Leo from 6/6 to October 9th.  This is because of it’s retrograde cycle from July 26th to September 7th. Venus retrogrades can be troubling or enlightening, depending where they fall in your chart, bringing up past relationship hurts that can either empower you or bring you down. This looks like it should be a good one in the fiery male sign of Leo, (along with the Sun for the end of July and Aug), we can take what we have learned from past relationships and use it to empower us in our personal identity and give us confidence in moving forward.

Venus moving direct and stationing in Virgo and then Libra, two signs that love her, coupled with the harmonious conjunctions with Mars, make the Fall a great time for ‘hooking up’ or getting more serious in current relationships.The Venus retrograde will help you be sure of what you want in a relationship and have the confidence to ‘go for it’, being open to commit in a new way. The Venus retrograde is what allows for the 2nd and 3rd conjunctions of our male and female planets. Mars and Venus come together again on September 1 and November 1. 1+1=2. Remember the first one happens on 2/22…. “Mars and Venus…sitting in a tree…” I’m sure you remember the rest of the rhyme….sittinginatree

Although Year of the Sheep people may be seen as weak, this intensive four month Pluto Uranus last hurrah, two total eclipses and the activating Yod won’t really let us remain sleeping sheeple. But we are not looking at violent revolution either. The Year of Sheep is known as one of peace and harmony.The sweet dance between Venus and Mars and the Jupiter trine Uranus are also indicators of a harmonious year ahead. Can this be a peaceful revolution?peaceful revolution

Science has proven that we are all One. Eventually we must start to embody this truth. If we are particles of creation, we therefore, within us, have access to creation power. There is not really energy towards continued war and violence.  It is simply going out of style.  All those wars, conflict and violence that are brewing may fizzle out as we begin to see ourselves as part of an interconnected whole. When we realize we are all One, and collectively start feeling what each other feel, it will no longer be fashionable to kill each other.flock of sheep

We just have to be awakened sheep, using the mass consciousness and available technology to create swift peaceful change for the better, instead of asleep sheeple who continue to go along with this massive fiasco of a reality. Aquarius is the sign of the strong, quirky, expressive individual, but also represents an awareness of the social collective.  It is a sign of innovation and technology for the greater good. Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, was discovered around the same time as electricity, representing the power that we can’t see, but can use, and so we know exists. The incredible God-power that lies latent in each of us? We can’t see that with our eyes either. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It would take only one of us coming into our true power for this game of deception that we have been living to be up…for good. We are free energy. personal power

We are having an opportunity for an evolution revolution. This particular year is the Year of the Green Wooden Sheep. Wood represents the strength that it takes for a new shoot to push up out of the ground. We have the potential in 2015 to be empowered into a new future. The social justice we are called to stand for in our lives is in our very own self. The revolution that is called for is Aquarian-style…personal empowerment that spreads like a computer virus through the internet, spiritually awakening many, one at a time. This is the year for us to stand up together as a herd, realizing our individual God-power. This is the year to take back our Earth and begin building a new world.

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Synopsis of major events in beginning of 2015:

Jan. 4 Full Moon T-Square

Jan. 20 New Moon in Capricorn

Jan. 22 Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Feb.  3 Full Moon in Leo

Early Feb. to mid-March Yod with Chiron, Pluto and Jupiter

Feb. 10-18 feeling Saturn Square Neptune influence

Feb. 12 Mercury goes direct

Feb. 18 New Moon in Aquarius

Feb. 19 Chinese New Year~Year of the Green Wood Sheep

Feb. 20-Mid-March feeling Jupiter Trine Uranus influence

Feb. 22 Mars conjunct Venus

Mar. 4 Mercury returns to pre-retrograde position

Mar. 5 Full Moon in Virgo, opposite Chiron

Mar. 16 Uranus Square Pluto exact

Mar. 20 Total Solar Eclipse, Pisces New Moon

Apr. 4 Total Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in Libra

Apr. 9 Jupiter turns direct (Rx since 12/8/14)

Apr. 17 Pluto Retrograde-Pluto and Uranus begin to separate from square

Apr. 18 New Moon in Aries, completion of Eclipse cycle