Okay, so now is that time that we can start sorting out what has been happening to us for the last while. Mercury went direct on Feb. 12 and remains in Aquarius until March 13th. Sandwiched between two Aquarius New Moons, and aligning with the Sun in Aquarius, the messenger’s retrograde surely is about helping us to better clarify our role in this new Aquarian Age.

So what are the messages? Februrary and March are months that highlight all of the most important astrological events of 2015. We are at a crucial moment of setting our course for the entire year, maybe the next 2,160 years? (That is the approximate length of an Age). Right now we are feeling all of the astrology of this year very strongly. The aspects speak in clear language about the year…and Age…ahead.

Name of the Game is Change: As of February 20th, Uranus and Pluto will both be at 14 degrees their respective signs, coming into the 7th and last exact on March 16th. The Universe is making sure we got the message here, before these planets separate for good in April. Have you made drastic changes in your life recently? If not, get ready.Perhaps it is life that makes the drastic changes in us. Structures of our lives that are no longer serving us stand little chance of making it through the dissolution, breakdown, revolutionary change energy of this final planetary square and separating of these planets.the tower

Peace, Love and Harmony…and Fire: Venus and Mars come together for three special conjunctions this year, the first one on February 22nd, 2, 2 isn’t it cute, and right on the heels of Valentine’s Day. It is the season of love, of new beginnings of love. This joining of our ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ planets happens at 0 degrees Aries, just as they shift from the sign of Pisces to Aries. We are being asked to approach our relationship with opposing forces, within or without us, with fresh view of a young child. Our opposing forces within are making Peace. Mars the warrior, is at home in Aries. Fall into the lustful passion of war-like opposition and battle? Na, maybe not. The playing field is being equaled out.mars and venus joined

Played in the right way, when the sides are equally opposing each other just perfectly, the tension falls at just the right angle to bring a great relief and a burst of creative energy. With the integration of the dark and the light/the male and the female within, we are closing the chapter on duality consciousness. This clue speaks to the Aquarian Age as one of peace, love and harmony. We are being supported in self-love and forgiveness, integration of the shadow and return to innocence…fostering wholeness. Venus and Mars dancing together through the fire sign of Aries might make it a spicy start to the new season. We feel the energy of the seeds beginning to stir under the ground and hear the birds calling for mates. Mars and Venus in Aries until Mid-March puts some fire in the desires of the season. The Sun in Pisces might help to chill us out and get our late winter dreaming on, before all the action of the coming Spring.venus and mars

Enact the Master Plan: The YOD is a rare astrological formation when two planets (Pluto and Chiron) are Sextile, or 60 degrees apart, and their mid point is directly across the zodiac from another planet (Jupiter). These planets are in the signs of Capricorn, Pisces (sandwiching Aquarius) and opposing Leo. All eyes are on Jupiter in Leo right now, which is urging us in expansion in leadership and self-expression, especially of a spiritual or philosophical nature. Pluto in Capricorn is about re-evaluation and breakdown of our authoritarian beliefs and structures. Chiron in Pisces is working to clear out painful trauma of the past age, bringing support for forgiveness and integration of the shadow.yod

The YOD is an aspect of healing and transformation, empowerment, autonomy, and activation into personal potential. This YOD points the ‘finger of God’ at all of us who know we are here for a very specific reason. It is time to get debriefed as to what that might be. Jupiter has been retrograde since December of 2014. There is going to be quite a slingshot of energy from this YOD as Jupiter goes direct on April 8th, a few days after the Full Lunar Eclipse. This YOD says it is time to step up to our greater destiny.master plan

Abundance, Magic and Passion: Well we have some major support in the area of destiny, with Jupiter, star of the show in expressive Leo, trining up with Uranus in Aries. This aspect is said to bring magical synchronicities and potential for transformational breakthroughs. Make sure you are paying attention, the wind calls your name. This aspect speaks of positive energy and luck. It’s good for mental energy, and in fire signs, it’s about expressing passion. The time is ripe for a creative activation in the area of what you most love. Open to the potential of magical abundance. Let yourself be guided on the path toward your most amazing life.principle-of-abundance

Make Your Dreams Real: Saturn in Sagittarius came (almost) to a square with Neptune the dreamer at home in Pisces from February 10-18th. Saturn is the builder and Neptune is the dissolver. Saturn in Sagittarius wants us to build a demonstration of a new spiritual understanding. Neptune in Pisces wants to merge and dissolve, it is the stuff of the collective and subconscious. This is Reality vs. Dream. Who wins? This aspect will blur the boundaries from the physical to the spiritual world. Saturn in Sagittarius says it is time to get to work on our dreams. But we must first wake up from our illusions in order to take practical real life steps in the expressions of our dreams. These planets don’t make an exact square until November, which will be a culmination of all that is getting started and gathering momentum right now. This year is about getting real with your dreams and what you envision for your life.

More Peace and Harmony, New Creative Beginnings, Mobilizing the Masses: Chinese New Year is on February 19, 2015. It is the Year of the Green Wooden Sheep. ‘Wooden’ refers to the energy of a shoot pushing up out of the dirt. Indeed we are baby seedlings in this New Age. The Year of the Sheep is known as one of Peace and Harmony. It is about conflict resolution. It addresses the energy of the ‘herd’ and our ability to come together for the good of the whole. It’s time to empower the herd in consciousness change, demanding our right to available information and solutions, to face the truth of what has been going on so we can make the needed changes… the herd, standing in solidarity to take back our planet.sheep goat

So, based on the above survey, just how do we conduct ourselves in the Aquarian Age? We harmonize opposing forces within, we let go of what’s no longer serving, we make real in building our dreams, we step up to the plate of our greater destiny, we open to magic and abundance, we start new creative projects…we wake up from the nightmare and start living the dream.

Adrienne Elise is a Visionary and Intuitive Healer and Teacher offering support for spiritual shifting with personal Intuitive Readings/Healings, Classical Homeopathy, and Course offerings. Adrienne is creator of PORTAL Music Festival, Montana’s Transformational Festival. Contact Adrienne: adrienne@customdevelopmentwebsite.com

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