Virgo New Moon – Threshold – August 30th, 2019

virgo demeter

For most of August, the Sun and Venus have been very close. As they begin to separate, the Sun comes into a conjunction with Mars. Mars and Venus are together leading up to this New Moon, speaking to an opportunity to rebirth into greater wholeness within.

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With these planets coming together and catching up to the Sun, we are trying to integrate the Mars and Venus retrogrades that happened last July through December, 2018.

It’s a council, between the opposites within. The topic is how to come home into our heart, to peacefully integrate the most divergent parts of our self. Can we heal our feminine and masculine within, and arguing voices, to be able to become more whole in peace and happiness? It’s a sacred marriage within, overseen by Virgo the Virgin, birthing us, through the threshold, and into the other side.

What is on the other side? Everything is pointing to getting on our true path. This New Moon starts an intense couple of weeks of the personal planets each taking their turn to square up with Jupiter, and oppose Neptune. This Mutable T-Square energy is saying we must adjust our belief systems in order to allow ourselves to connect with our passionate path. We have to examine and release programming and patterns that are keeping us from that life of meaning.

It’s a showdown in the sky. We have an upcoming dynamic expression of all that argues with this true path and life of purpose. For the Equinox, Jupiter and Neptune come into their exact square together. Everything that is in the way to our renewed life of meaning, is sure to show itself in a definitive way.

Jupiter is heading towards the Galactic Center point of destiny in November, before leaving it’s home of Sagittarius in December. We’ve got a few more months to get back on the quest, and the dance of the planets in September are making sure we get the message.

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