Virgo Full Moon – A Time for Purification

virgo goddessMercury has moved into the sign of Pisces and the Sun is soon to follow, on the day of this Full Moon at 0 degrees Pisces, on February 19th. On the very same day, Chiron moves into the sign of Aries, marking a new 8 year chapter.

Mars is ready to catapult into the New Age, in conjunction with Uranus, at the last degree of Aries. We will be feeling this combustible energy of possibility, the future, and new information, leading up to this Full Moon.

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Mercury will take a retrograde on March 6th at 29 degrees Pisces, the infamous degree that Chiron has been lurking, deep in the mysteries of the past. Mercury enters it’s retrograde shadow on the day of this Full Moon, marking the beginning of a journey into these mysteries.

The next couple of months are sure to bring a shifting perspective as Mercury makes numerous transits with Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter, all the major players of 2019.  Wow! Mercury is pinging all over the place, trying to get a handle on our current reality, in relationship to stories of the past. Sparks will be flying in the mental sphere as new possibilities are trying to be born out of the primordial waters of our imagination, as helped by Saturn in Sextile to Neptune.

The Aquarius Age is waiting for us, but there are still some messes from the past in our way. This Full Moon at 0 degrees Virgo, says there is no better time to clean it up, especially as Chiron and Uranus both prepare to do their generational shift into new signs.

Venus in Capricorn comes up on Saturn just before this Full Moon and then with Pluto, just after. The ‘clean up’ involves empowering the feminine, in all of us.

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