Virgo Full Moon ~ 2/22/2016

full moon in cloudsWe should feel a huge release at this Full Moon, as she shines her light from the sign of the Virgin. This is a culmination of astrology that began at the end of last year. With all this Virgo energy, indeed it is time to examine, closely with discrimination, what it is we need to let go of. But we also need to figure out what we want to salvage and take with us, from under the rubble of the last few years of Pluto Uranus Square. These revolutionary planets are still close in square this month.

We are still reeling from the Mercury retrograde which has shown us where, in all areas of our life, we have given away our power. Now it is time to start the mop-up. With Jupiter conjunct the North Node, also in Virgo, we are shining the light on everything that has gotten stirred up in the shadow of the past, but hasn’t yet gotten resolved. And with the Sun in Pisces we are not just seeing it, but feeling it too. Pisces is about everyone feeling everything.Pisces-Magic

Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo are opposing Chiron the wounded healer in Pisces, bringing attention to our core wounds. The Sun in Pisces is amplifying this ‘cleaning up the past’ process. We are letting go of pain and distortion from the last couple of thousand years of the Piscean Age. Pisces is about our collective consciousness. Since 2012, our planet has been moving into a new, highly activated part of the galaxy. No one is immune to the changes. We are all going through it, even those who haven’t consciously chosen the awakening path. We are feeling reverberations of the collective consciousness burping and purging up the darkness and shadow that can no longer stay hidden in these times of massive upgrades and enlightenment from our Sun.sun-light

We are sorting through the lies of our past but Mercury and Venus, having moved into Aquarius mid-February, bring a detached, ‘bigger picture’, point of view. They can help us see visons of the future of hope of the Aquarian Age. Will where we are heading will make all of this insanity worth it? These personal planets in Aquarius are activating the Pisces imagination. Humanity, can we see the bigger picture and dream a new dream?

Mars is in Scorpio this month, and because of a retrograde, for a record breaking amount of time in 2016. This keeps the passion high, giving us the confidence and desire for connection, to open to the powerful relationships we need to find and clear our wounded baggage. These connections can be volatile and charged, but bring the opportunity to cut through to the essential understanding of our core issues. But the potent growth may be worth the short term scorpio

So be brave and grow, letting go of what is no longer essential to the essence of you. Virgo wants us to clean our house and get organized. We are moving into an Eclipse cycle with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces, conjunct Neptune, on March 8th. This will be an intense cycle that will bring continuing opportunities for transformation.

Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher and Classical Homeopath. Find out more at

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