Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer – Coming Home – July 2nd, 2019

total solar eclipseThis Total Solar Eclipse happens in the sign of Cancer, close to the North Node of the Moon. Eclipses are a lining up of energy and bring a great revealing. This Total Solar Eclipse is bringing up emotions and vulnerabilities from the past, tied to false beliefs and karma, that may be keeping us stuck in the past.

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Mercury is in Leo, joined by Mars the day before this Eclipse. Mercury is slowing down in preparation for a retrograde cycle starting on July 7th until July 31st. In Leo, these planets together can bring some explosive expression, positive or negative, but that has to do with the truth of who we are. For many of us, this has been deeply suppressed, maybe over lifetimes.

Saturn in conjunction with the South Node is bringing up karmic control patterns that have kept us hiding our true self.  The great revealing that is available is a true expression of what is hidden deep within. Perhaps here, there is a power and a purpose we didn’t even know we had.

So much of the last few years of Astrology has been about preparing for the new energies that lie ahead, represented by Uranus in Taurus. Mercury comes close to a square with Uranus, just before taking it’s retrograde. We are not quite sure if we are ready to take the leap into the new, unknown territory.

More clearing and adjustment is needed. With the North Node in Cancer, much of this has to do with our relationship to nurturing. Do we deserve to feel cared for? Can we let ourselves have the support we need to break free from the chains of the past? One thing is certain, truths hidden in the depths of our psyche are rising to the surface during this potent Eclipse Season July 2019. There is much to be revealed.

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