Taurus New Moon – Breaking New Ground

breaking groundNew Moon in Taurus – May 15 – BREAKING NEW GROUND

We are breaking new ground at this New Moon in Earthy Taurus, celebrating the major generational shift of Uranus moving into Taurus. Mercury ushers the way, after a powerful retrograde cycle, and then coming up with a conjunction with Uranus in Aries, before they both shift into the sign of Taurus. This New Moon is a beginning of a New Age, says Mars as he moves into Aquarius on the 16th. This forms a square of tension with Uranus and Mercury at the beginning of Taurus. Mars is preparing to take its retrograde in Aquarius this summer. How do we move forward in this New Age?

Luckily, Jupiter is coming into a long beautiful trine with Neptune, harmonizing and supporting so we can get on with actualization of our dreams. This Scorpio, Pisces connection brings a sweet, spiritual energy, a great time for creativity and connection, a gentle opportunity to face deeper truths, release stuck emotions, and bring in the NEW.

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