Summer 2018 Astrology – Inner Revolution

inner revolution heartThis Summer has quite interesting Astrology. There are three Eclipses, and both Mars and Mercury take a retrograde. This will be a very inwardly active time, but not a great time to make big leaps forward in the outside world. The energy for big changes, starting new projects or business ventures, will be much better come Fall.

The Eclipses happen in alignment with the Nodes of the Moon, representing the path forward, and what is pulling at us from behind. We are entering into the last few months of the North Node in Sunny Leo. It’s time to shine, creatively activate, and reclaim the joyful life we were meant to lead.

Summer 2018 is a time for ‘inner re-arranging’. It’s best to know where you are going before you set out on a journey, and that’s what these next couple of months are for. 2018 is a year of adjustment and this Summer is where we can really turn the inner dial. It’s time to begin creating a life that better fits who we are. Allowing for inner harmonization and preparation this summer, will make  for a dynamic and exciting Autumn.

Mars is our main action planet, and when he retrogrades, you feel it. This happens every two years. This puts the stage of life into our inner being. In Aquarius, we are re-imagining life on planet Earth, we are reaching out and meeting our soul team and building community. We are making friends with technology, allowing it to work for us, instead of against. Mars triggering the Moon’s Nodes says it is time to get on our true path, like for real this time. 

There is a good chance that by this Fall you will have a much better sense of where you are heading and how to get there, than you have had in the past few years, or maybe even this lifetime. We are adjusting and creating the new, and that starts within.

Make the most of this inner journey this Summer. Be ready to leap ahead and create the life you really want as the powerful Fall 2018 energies kick into gear.summer float

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Summer 2018 Monthly Overviews

June=> Mars retrograde begins. What internal action needs to be taken for you to best move into this New Age?

July=> This month we examine how to shine, to bring forward our gifts, and to receive back from the Universe. Here we get to practice being who we really are, as a basis for growing an abundant life.

August=> We are re-thinking our path, based on new perspective. What you wanted before isn’t working now. What do you really want to express in this life? This is the path to re-claiming real joy and a passionate, ecstatic existence

Summer Astrology Timeline

May 13/14 – Mars enters Rx shadow

May 15 – New Moon in Taurus, Uranus enters Taurus

May 16 – Mars enters Aquarius

May 29 – Full Moon in Sagittarius

June 13 – New Moon in Gemini

June 26 – Mars stations retrograde in Aquarius

June 28 – Full Moon in Capricorn

July 7 – Grand Earth Trine (Ceres, Saturn and Uranus, feeling from 6/19-7/28)

July 8 – Mercury enters Rx shadow

July 12 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

July 26 – Mercury stations Retrograde in Leo

July 27 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (total) in Aquarius

August 11 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

August 13 – Mars in retrogrades back into Capricorn

August 19 – Mercury stations direct

August 26 – Full Moon in Pisces

August 27 – Mars stations direct

September 2 – Mercury comes out of Rx shadow

September 9 – New Moon in Virgo

September 10 – Mars returns to Aquarius

October 8/9 – Mars comes out of Rx shadow



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