Spring Equinox and Libra Full Moon – Assimilation & Integration – March 20, 2019

libra angel

Let’s come together for a Group Intuitive Session to heal and release, receive messages, and connect with our Soul Group. We will look as shared past life energies to help us make sense of this potent time. This Equinox is packed full of dynamic astrology, a sign of the times ahead.

Join me for Equinox Soul Group Session, leading up to the exact time of the Equinox, Wednesday, March 20th, 3pm MDT. $20. Sign up here! 

There’s a lot going on for this Equinox and Libra Full Moon! Venus is in square to Mars, saying it is time to heal the division within us, as well as the opposites of this world. Pallas Athene, in square to the Nodes of the Moon, brings diplomatic tools of intuition and intellect, and messages about how to get out of this mess, and move forward.

It’s time to reach across the table and find common ground. We have got to get out of the dark ages of the ‘divide and conquer’ paradigm. Divided we are weak, together we are strong.

Pluto is in conjunction with the South Node, bringing up past programmed feelings of fear around our own power and potency. Mars in Taurus, in trine to Pluto and the South Node, says it’s okay, we can find a new way forward. It must include self-care and nurturing, and having our basic needs met. Are we staying powerless to avoid the fear of our own power? This is erroneous programming in the psyche that must be healed.

Mercury in Sextile with Saturn says there are creative solutions, but only if we are willing to allow our perspective to adjust. We build a new world, first through energy and concepts, before it can be birthed into reality. Venus in Aquarius, in Sextile to Jupiter, is saying that if you want to get back on the quest, and move into the new energy, it all comes down to self-worth. Do you deserve it?

Just after this Equinox and Full Moon, Mercury comes into it’s week long conjunction with Neptune, as it prepares to station direct on March 28th. First we must get really confused, before things can later make sense. It’s a time to ‘sit with it’ and allow ourselves to assimilate and integrate these potent times, knowing that more clarity is on the way, come April when Mercury exits it’s retrograde shadow.

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