Scorpio New Moon – Phoenix Rising – October 27th, 2019

phoenix scorpioThis New Moon in Scorpio happens in square to Uranus in Taurus. This is about revealing what might be hiding in the shadows, that is keeping us from embracing new energies on Earth.

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Mars, a ruler of Scorpio, is in square to Saturn and the Nodes of the Moon. A New Moon is about new beginnings, but Mars in this square is showing us what is in the way of moving forward. And in Scorpio, this might be about owning our power.

Mercury is turning retrograde on Nov. 1st. We are feeling the energy slow down, and linger in mysterious Scorpio. It’s time to look into uncomfortable areas, deep in our subconscious, which need to be rooted out, before we can do anything else. With Venus hanging out there with Mercury, much of this is about our relationship to the feminine. It’s time to clear all shame.

Scorpio has been associated with the phoenix. For this New Moon, our psyche is speaking to us and saying ‘enough is enough’. It’s getting to be too much for these sensitive souls to continue to carry this collective psychic pain. We have got to figure out what contracts and beliefs are keeping us here. Using our Mars will power, and Scorpio bravery we can look deep within, face the darkness, and break free, into the new paradigm.

Saturn in sextile to Neptune is saying that a new world is awaiting, if we can face the truth and cleanse this shadow. Together, we can rise above this old paradigm, and entertain something entirely new.

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