An Extra Halloween-y Halloween ~ Into the Depths…and Out the Other Side

This Thursday, October 23, 2014, marks a huge energy shift as the Sun, the Moon, and Venus simultaneously move into the sign of Scorpio, where they line up for the New Moon, Solar Eclipse.  We have been getting excited and activated and really into our heads about all of it with the enormously powerful Grand Fire Trine that lasted most of the first half of October.  But now, we are plunging from the fiery, airy heights of inspiration and vision, into the depths… Scorpio, the most complex of water signs.  Scorpio is about looking over the edge into the un-trodden regions of our deepest psyche, our internal hidden watery ocean of primordial subconscious.watery depths

Scorpio has been in the spotlight, with Saturn transversing this sign since October 2012. Old Man Saturn represents the ‘work’ of it, where we are putting our attention, where we are working out our karma.  Well that happens to have been in Scorpio, the deepest most mysterious hidden landscape of our self, for the last couple years.  We have been invited to avoid avoiding any aspect of ourselves that we have not been able to face. (Halloween Costume: Something that represents what within you that scares you the most!)scary halloween

We are in a culmination period of the last couple of years of Astrology. So this is an opportunity, for this Eclipse and into the end of the year, to make sure we have cleaned up our muck.  Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde both bring to light information that has been hidden. It all starts to make sense….or does it?  Sometimes the more you know, the more you know you don’t know. The Universe is supporting us in clearing our subconscious programming, beliefs, and past pain with a dramatic, scene change this week as we move into maybe one of the most Halloween-y Halloween seasons in a while. Doo-doo-doo-doo….can’t you hear the theme of the Twilight Zone? Things are getting weird up in here.

The intense astrology of the rest of this month is creating an eerie type of rift in our dimensional reality. Precisely at the time when the veil to other worlds is most thin.  It has the energy of a wormhole, or like for Alice, a Rabbit Hole. Lets just say this should be a really fun Halloween if you are into the holiday.  The thing about a wormhole or a portal is that where you end up on the other side is different from where you started. That is the definition.  Why go into a wormhole and come back to the same place? The purpose is to travel somewhere new and different.mysterious roadSo where will you wake up Nov. 1? That remains to be seen.  There are many dimensional realities at work in the presence of wormholes.  This is represented in our reality as things that are ‘strange’.  This can refer to revealing of deep meaning and understanding or simple magical synchronicities, gifts to validate our path and urge us to keep paying attention. Wormhole destination: Your Ultimate Life.

So keep your eye on the prize, the gift of a more satisfying life as a result of inner clearing. Don’t forget the lofty perspective of the beginning of October while you are plunging to the strange and mysterious watery depths of self.  Remember this existence is an illusory movie, so sit back and be entertained, while being aware of your own and other people’s emotional sensitivity.  It is hard sometimes to look in the mirror…when we see the depths of such a big pool reflected back at us.

It all starts when the Moon crosses over Mercury Retrograde in Libra on Wednesday afternoon, October 22nd.  On Thursday morning, Venus, the Sun and the Moon move into Scorpio. The New Moon Solar Eclipse happens Thursday at 3:57pm Mountain Time.  We will already be feeling Mercury getting ready to station direct two days later on the 25th. This strange time will last at least until Mercury returns to 2 degrees Scorpio on November 9th, if not for the rest of the year.  November and December are marked with the 6th Uranus/Pluto exact square, the defining Astrology of our time.  Looking into the pool shows us how to harmonize the dramatic redefining of self and the breakdown and dissolution of structures which has been gaining momentum since the first Square of these planets in June, 2012.underwater woman

We are making a dramatic plunge into the depths. But it’s not so scary as before. We are kind of getting used to it with Saturn in Scorpio for the last two years.  And there is a sense that there is something more, deeper, about ourselves that we have yet come to know.  It’s the feeling that there is some point to all of this. It is growing wisdom. So dive deep!  It is the only way to come out the other side.  Who knows where you will end up or what your life will look like when you get there?

By fully reaching for, calling home, assimilating and folding into us our shadow, wounded self, we create an unshakable wholeness.  Not a fragile ego, scared of showing any vulnerability that struggles and wastes precious energy trying to hold up a faded veneer.  When we can integrate our darkest, scary sea monster hiding in the depths, the murky waters clear because there is no longer anything to hide.

So starting with Wednesday this week, be mindful, gentle and caring with yourself and others.  Let the tears flow.  Let Venus in Scorpio help you to love your shadow. Let the primordial waters take you back to the womb to be born again.  Into the depths… a wormhole passage may seem narrow and dark, but you know that you are heading somewhere, that there is another side, a place to come out into the light, a whole new world, a whole new life ahead of you. Through the wormhole and out the other side….

wormhole with light

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