Scorpio Full Moon – Dream A New Dream – May 18, 2019

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We are being asked to dive deep for this Scorpio Full Moon, deep into what might be still hiding in the recesses of our consciousness. With all of these transits to Saturn and Pluto, we have been in a karmic purge. Now it is time to wash away everything that is keeping us in these old patterns. It’s a time of great revealing, not so fun, but incredibly helpful in seeing the truth behind the garbage that has been surfacing in our life.

I hope you can join me for a Live Activation to make the most of this potent Full Moon in Scorpio, Friday, May 17th, 3pm MST. $10. Sign up here!

Venus moves into the sign of Taurus, just before this Full Moon, coming up with Uranus. The new energies are activating. Are we going to let them pass us by, or stand up and receive the blessings? What if the universe wants to take care of us in a whole new way, but we don’t think we deserve it?

Mercury will be near the Sun, and therefore opposite this Full Moon. We are still grasping for some sort of understanding, perhaps the deep dive of this energy will help shed light. This is the first conjunction of the Sun and Mercury since before the powerful Mercury retrograde in Pisces in March. We are shedding skin and updating our identity. Mercury and the Sun move together into the the sign of Gemini, just after this Full Moon. Mercury makes a sweet sextile with the North Node, reminding us that help is on the way when we can allow ourselves to be nurtured.

Neptune is in trine to the North Node, saying it is time to dream. The last months of astrology have focused on karma, the south node, and letting go. Now we are turning to the future, and Neptune says dare to dream a new dream.

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