Sagittarius New Moon – A Spiritual Shift – November 26, 2019

gcThis is a week of shifting energies. Mars enters the sign of Scorpio on Wednesday the 20th, the same day that Mercury turns direct. The Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd, and Venus enters Capricorn just after this New Moon. Jupiter follows next week as they both come into a square with Chiron at 1 degree Aries. It’s time to remove old trauma woundedness and let the Great Mother of our galaxy help us birth a brand new identity.

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Jupiter is on the Galactic Center, and Venus is joining. Their exact conjunction happens on the day of this New Moon, November 26th. We are expanding, we are awakening. There’s huge bursts of new energy coming in, which can feel like light bursting through the clouds. Or, it can feel life the complete disintegration of our life, or both.

We are feeling Mars come into opposition with Uranus, saying, who put the brakes on? Well, the foot is coming off the brake as Mercury turns retrograde. Forward motion is returning, but it will take Mercury a few days to get on his feet. Mars opposing Uranus is bringing up everything that is blocking us from our shift into the new paradigm, showing us what might be in the way of truly receiving these new energies.

Mars in Scorpio, is putting a motor on the watery journey, bringing more movement, but also slinging mud. We are facing an emergence of shadow patterns that are blocking us from seeing the light. There is support for this shift, though, with Mercury moving into it’s third and final trine with Neptune. This can harmonizing the process and invite a spiritual shift in perspective that could really help us figure out our next moves in this crazy game that is life on Earth.

This New Moon brings in a surge of Sagittarius energy, extending the Galactic Center activation. It’s a new start for both our individual and collective path of destiny. Divine timelines are landing, but it can be quite an adjustment. Sensitivities are at an all time high.

This is a great time to be gentle with yourself and tend to your nervous system. We are getting zapped by high potency gamma rays, directly from the center of the universe, calling us back into communication with our divine origin. Birthing can be intense. It’s exciting, but also a lot to take, so be nice to yourself, and take great care with that new baby identity, giving it lots of rest, sleep and meditation.

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