Sagittarius Full Moon – Not How You Thought It Would Be

sagittarius full moon bridgeThis Full Moon in Sagittarius makes a harmonious triangle with the North Node of the Moon in Leo. This is a great opportunity for a timeline reset and to leap onto your true path.

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Optimistic, confident Sagittarius wants to shoot off into the distance. The North Node of the Moon is showing us the way forward. In Leo, we are making progress by being willing to shine, lead, and claim joy. Fiery Sagittarius can groove with that.

New understanding of this big leap is on the way as Mercury moves home to Gemini, joining the Sun. Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable, adjustable signs. This is a good time for discussion, communication and change of perspective. The way forward may not be anything like what you thought it would be, but still we are being pushed.

Mars in Aquarius has already slowed down preparing to station retrograde on June 26th. Mars is hanging out with the South Node of the Moon, representing our past path. Uranus in Taurus is beginning to shake up the way things have always been done. We have got to let go of the our past conditioning and attachments, in order to be able to conceive the future. Luckily, Jupiter in Scorpio is still in trine with dreamy Neptune, harmonizing the letting go.



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