Sagittarius Full Moon – Break On Through – June 17, 2019


This Sagittarius Full Moon happens close to Jupiter. We are feeling a lot about whether or not our life is satisfying on all levels. Emotions are coming to the surface, with Mercury and Mars together in Cancer. These planets are in a tense opposition with Saturn in Capricorn, bringing up frustration about our life not being what we would like it to be.

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Where is the meaning and purpose? And why is there so many mundane issues keeping us from this meaningful life? The daily grind gets really old day after day, but still we have to pay the piper, and get up and do it all over again.

Mercury and Mars are hanging out with the North Node of the Moon in Cancer. There is immense pressure to allow ourselves to be nurtured into our next, more meaningful chapter. But opposite Saturn, stubborn, set in place structures of our psyche and this manifest world are getting in the way. But Mercury and Mars in trine to Neptune are inviting us to imagine something new.

There’s a powerful backdrop of possibility with Saturn in sextile with Neptune. Is it possible to tweak this reality, little by little, into something way better? Can our lives come into greater harmony with who we really are?

Jupiter in square to Neptune, says our delusions and distorted beliefs are getting in the way. With all these aspects involving water signs, we are sure to feel it all really intensely. These feelings can point us directly to these false beliefs, giving us an opportunity to change our thinking. There is huge support to see things in a new way, getting out of the trap of old thinking.

That’s good, because Mercury and Mars go on to oppose Pluto just after this Full Moon. It’s a breakdown of all that is no longer serving. Ego death is the healthiest thing for our psyche, and yet never any fun. It’s time to let it all wash away, rise from the ashes, and begin anew.

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