pisces eclipse

Solar Eclipses happen when the Moon passes through the Moon’s Nodes at a New Moon. This Eclipse is high drama because of the major planetary players hanging out near the nodes. The Moon and the Sun and Chiron are in Pisces near the S. Node of past karma. We are learning a lot about what no longer serves us from our past. Mercury joins the party in Pisces on March 6th, bringing forward this quest for understanding and release of the past.

For the last few months, Jupiter has been hanging out with the North Node, across the way in Virgo. Our way forward, the expansion into our future, has to do with the Virgo art of cleaning up, analyzing and the power of discrimination.  With all these planets together in Pisces including Chiron, the spotlight is on cleaning up the wounds of the past.

This Eclipse is also a Super Moon, meaning the moon is at its closest it will come to Earth during this cycle. There is powerful energy here, an opportunity to step out of the ill-fitting reality of the past age, to re-examine and re-define our past wounds, and figure out what they can do for us now. The placement of Chiron in our birth chart denotes the energy of our deepest wounds, but also the gift that comes in the healing of it. Chiron represents both our deepest wounds and greatest healing potential. In Pisces we are looking at our collective woundedness.

Chiron represents the fight and the battle that you can never win. It is time to stop wallowing and decide to get out of the victim loop of wounded dis-empowerment. The only way to win is to exit the battle and enter into communication with the Source within. Attention is attraction and so our life can change dramatically when we can put our attention on our inner power and stillness, rather than continuing to identify in ourselves with the false constructs around us that keep creating so much pain. Sometimes our desire to fix and heal just puts more attention on the wound and it continues to fester. When we can uproot Chiron, and put our attention on the magical healing potential of Source energy within us, then the healing can really begin.

Pisces energy offers a great opportunity to collect with the One-ness consciousness, to feel held as a part of the greater whole. Our society is fragmented but there is one force behind everything. Our lives are fragmented, but there is one Truth behind it all, our never-ending, unchanging cosmic Self. We are all seeking for this and yet it has been there all along, hidden and cloaked from us. But the apocalypse has come and it is time for our Virgin Re-Birth.

The sign of Virgo the Virgin, opposing this New Moon, has been associated with the concept of apocalypse.  The true meaning of apocalypse is ‘removing the veil.’ The Virgo energy of 2016 is offering us a Virgin birth into a future unburdened by the heavy concepts of this world that have taken hold in our false, materialistic, ego mind. Pisces is a time to feel the power of God consciousness within. This eclipse in particular, is an opportunity to feel our connection to everything and and let go of our concepts of some false authority outside of ourselves that we need to pray to, or pay tax to, in order to receive the blessings of this world.

This is the great illusion of the Piscean Age, that there is some outside authority that doles out blessings according to what we have sacrificed, burdened or earned through struggle. This belief system is falling away, as one by one, we wake up to the Cosmic Truth within, that has always been there and will always be there. When we can receive the support of the Universe in this way, we can use this powerful Eclipse to ‘jump’ into our most appropriate timeline, and jump out of the these old, too small outfit of conformity and conditioning, and jump into a most satisfying life. It’s time for our world, and our individual lives, to represent more of the Truth of who we really are. We are cosmic beings wearing a human body, for a time. And this Eclipse offers a perfect time to align with, and  move effortlessly into a life that more accurately reflects this Truth.

Join me for a Live Webinar Activation to make the most of this powerful Eclipse. We will focus on aligning with the universe within, and shifting to our most appropriate timeline. What would it feel like to have all parts of your life glow with this blessing within? Lets find out. I look forward to journeying with you.


Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher, as well as a Classical Homeopath. Find out more about individual aura readings with Adrienne or IEI’s INTUITIVE INTENSIVE Certificate Course at adrienneelise.com