Pisces New Moon – An Epic Transition – March 6, 2019


Mercury turns retrograde at 29 degrees Pisces the day before this New Moon. Mercury’s retrograde is going to make sure we have a massive shift of perspective, as it backtracks through the sign of Pisces. We are being asked to dramatically re-evaluate our perception of reality.

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Venus has been on quite a journey in Capricorn, coming up on Saturn, then Pluto, and now in square to Uranus. The Goddess is weighing in on the revolution and saying we can’t go forward without some justice for the feminine.

Venus moved into Aquarius on March 1st. The dis-empowered parts of us are trying to break from the past patterns to find a new way forward. The asteroid Goddess Pallas Athene is coming into square with the nodes of the Moon, speaking of justice, diplomacy and non-violent solutions. We can stand up for ourselves with the power of compassion.

This New Moon happens just as the epic transition of Uranus into the sign of Taurus. There’s new energies landing on the Earth, its beautiful, but disruptive. It’s going to take some major adjustments to let the new come in.

Mercury is in sextile to Venus as it turns retrograde, saying there are creative solutions available in this big breakdown of reality. A brand new perspective that we can’t quite get a grip on, is trying to come in. The spiritual revolution is coming home to Earth in real ways. It is time for our physical reality to reflect this new world, and our true energetic nature, and the Goddess leads the way.

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