Pisces Full Moon – Harvest – Sept. 14, 2019

pisces full moon 2This Full Moon happens very close to Neptune, at home in Pisces. It has been a showdown between Jupiter, home in Sagittarius, in a powerful square with Neptune, that we have been feeling all year. Just after this Full Moon, these planets come into their third and final square, making this lunation a powerful culmination of energies.

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All of our personal planets in Virgo have been weighing in on this square, making a dynamic, ever-changing T-square for the first half of September. Mutable signs are about adjusting, and indeed it looks like we are trying to come down to Earth after reeling from this year’s Astrology.

Looks like we better get our act together, by healing and adjusting to these new energies, because a few days after this Full Moon, Saturn turns direct, moving headlong into it’s potent 2020 conjunction with change-maker Pluto. It is time to hunker down and get serious about our work here. With Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all in their home signs, it’s time to come home to who we really are, and land on planet Earth. It’s time to harvest our inner gifts and get to work. This Pisces Full Moon is a powerful opportunity to leave the limiting past programming behind, and be ready to move into the future.

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