Pisces Full Moon – Full Speed Ahead

full speed aheadThis Pisces Full Moon, on August 26th, completes the Eclipse cycle of Summer 2018. Now, we are adjusting to everything that has happened. Mercury turned direct on Sunday, the 19th and Mars will turn direct next Monday the 27th. Saturn is soon to follow, turning direct on Sept. 5th. Our three action planets are coming back in the game.

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Not so fast! The fallout of the Summer retrogrades continues. Mercury will be in it’s retrograde shadow until the beginning of September, Mars won’t exit his shadow until October 9th. That might be good, we need some time to assimilate all this before we hit the ground running into the dynamic last months of 2018.

Mars has retrograded into Capricorn, making this last week of Mars retrograde the most challenging. We missed something and we have to go back and get it. It has to do with where we have given our power away and our permission for our own spiritual autonomy. The end of Capricorn is an interesting place for Mars to make it’s dramatic turnaround. It’s sure to create a vortex of energy. Its up to us whether it will be frustration, or empowerment, or perhaps a little of both.

It’s a short stint, though. Mars will return to Aquarius on September 10th. Also shedding light on Capricorn is Venus, in square to Pluto, until the end of the month. The Goddess in all of us is ready to get empowered and stand up for her own self respect.

Jupiter is doing some mudslinging, in square to Mercury in Leo. It’s time to plow through and clear everything in the way of shining our light. This is supported by Jupiter in trine to Neptune. This is all about truth, spiritual truth, the truth of who YOU are. It’s helpful to remember, whatever we are experiencing, has the immediate effect of helping us forge our way back into connection with our highest, most spiritual self.

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