Partial Lunar Eclipse in Cancer – Birthing A New Era – January 10, 2020

lunar eclipsePluto and Saturn will be in exact conjunction for this Partial Lunar Eclipse, which takes place at 20 degrees 00 minutes of Cancer, telling us that we are being birthed into a New Era.

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Joining Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, are the Sun and Mercury, who stay close to the action for the week of this Eclipse. Our everyday life is getting informed of what this 2020 Astrology is all about, as the Sun and Mercury get up close and personal with these big players.

This is bringing home the reality of a big theme of Capricorn. We have got to face up to some hard truths. With Pluto getting so activated, much is sure to be revealed about how we have given our power away.

Uranus turns direct on the day of this Eclipse, saying we are moving into the New Age. It’s time to bring the light down to Earth. This is an awesome opportunity, through all this intensity, to reach up and form a greater, more direct connection to our highest self.

With Jupiter conjunct the South Node, and Mars in trine to Chiron, there is no doubt this Eclipse is about deep karmic healing. It’s got to happen, there is no way around it. With this Cancer Eclipse, perhaps we can allow ourselves to be nurtured along the way.

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