Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse: Dream a New Dream

pisces dreamWith this powerful Solar Eclipse in Pisces (Sun. Feb 26, 7:58 MST), we have an opportunity to change the backdrop of our lives. That could include a landslide of past patterns coming up for review, but if we can sit tight and feel out our feelings, we have an opportunity to release quite a load of baggage we may have been carrying for a long time.

With 5 planets and the South Node of the Moon in Pisces, we are being invited to the watery depths of the collective consciousness. But with Venus and Mars still in Aries, and Mars coming up to Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, there is also plenty of fire energy, inspiring us into action.

It’s a showdown, at the time of this Eclipse, between Neptune conjunct the Sun and Moon in dreamy Pisces, and Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries, triggering the generational game changer T- square with Pluto and opposing Jupiter. Mars loves being at home in Aries, and brings a burst of fiery, new energy. Without a retrograde this year, Mars is really ready to run with taking some action on creating a new world.new earth future

But Chiron in Pisces square Saturn and the S. Node in Pisces are saying there maybe some delusions of the past that need to come to light before we can face taking action towards the future. Thus, the landslide.landslide

Eclipses represent what needs to be revealed and all this Aries energy and triggering of the Pluto Uranus Square means we can’t keep anything down.Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Chiron wants to know the truth no matter how painful. Things that have been hidden just below the surface, in our personal life and greater world, are sure to get revealed during the time around this momentous eclipse. Whether tears of release or outburst of anger, it is sure to come flying out over this next week.

All this fire and water speaks to the ancient art of Alchemy, where Alchemists strove to join these two powerful forces together. We are getting the green light from the universe that it is now time to scrap the old painful patterns and use our new awareness to create something entirely new.alchemy

Pisces rules the imagination and our ability to create from the collective consciousness. Why not take advantage of the alchemy of the stars to pull in a whole new backdrop to your life? We have been fed and are used to a certain reality. Maybe it is not set in stone, but more like a dry erase board? If so, this Eclipse is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, re-set back to white, and begin painting our life into a whole new scene.new-heaven-earth

That is the power available to us in this Pisces Eclipse, to recreate our reality to better fit the truth of who we are. Literally erasing the pain of the past in order to create a brighter future. We can use the beautiful confusion and spiritual connection of this Pisces energy to direct a new course, one more in alignment with our true values. We can use the magic of this moment to jump timelines onto the most appropriate path for our most optimal future.yellow brick road

Using this fire energy, we can find the courage to leap off in this new direction that more accurately represents the truth of who we really are. And one by one, as we take that leap into the unknown, into surrender into the most amazing reality, we can bring the rest of the humanity with us. Together we can Dream a New Dream.

Leo Full Moon Eclipse: Manifesting Magic

leo lionThis Full Moon in Leo is a partial Lunar Eclipse, the first eclipse reflecting the North Node’s shift in to Leo in May. Leo is about expression, creativity, and play. This Full Moon is harmoniously aspected, making sacred geometry in the sky. It is a great opportunity to get on track with the you that you have always wanted to express, but haven’t yet been able to.

2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster, which is also all about expression. He is loud and obnoxious and doesn’t care what other people think. The Rooster is willing to put himself out there, but also deeply protective of his flock. His job is to wake everyone up and let them know they are safe.


This is a great metaphor for this Full Moon. We are all waking up with this powerful Jupiter Uranus opposition. Jupiter brings growth and expansion and Uranus is the awakening…so we are getting the wake up call. The Leo energy of 2017 is inviting us to finally express all that has been happening within from this powerful astrology of the last 5 years. It’s time to be true to the truth of who we are, which we are only beginning to discover. The revolution of our time is through individual empowerment and Leo and all the fire energy is asking us to be fearless in moving forward with expressing this new identity, which also brings a gift of service to the greater whole.

There is a Grand Fire Trine happening between this Leo Full Moon, Uranus in Aries, and Saturn in Sagittarius. It is time to get activated in this individual revolution and make real these changes in our world. Although out of exact square, Pluto and Uranus are the closest to that square as they will be in 2017. Jupiter, having turned retrograde on February 7th, represents a cycle of continual activation of these planets over the whole of 2017.

Jupiter retrograde in Libra is asking us to rethink the building of relationships we have been doing. It brings a healing energy to our ability to communicate our truth with others, in a non-threatening way. Mars and Venus are both in Aries maxing out the fire energy and bringing pent up emotions to the surface. These main personal planets in Aries are calling for re-birth in the archetypes of male and female, as well as in our personal relationships where these things play out.loving couple

Saturn trining Uranus and Jupiter trining the Sun, says we can do all this awakening in a harmonized way. We can work it out. Yes we are transforming and the old is falling a way, but there is support for the process. Especially if we are ready to honor ourselves and communicate effectively.

Tap into the powerful energy of this Full Moon Eclipse in Leo to get yourself on track with the life and truth you really want to express. It’s time to get out of the box, represented by a mystical rectangle being created by the Moon/Sun and Jupiter/Uranus oppositions together. The Fire Trine makes this shape into a star, which says the time is right to manifest your gifts and shine your light.set your imagination free

The Full Moon happens at 22 degrees Leo, the master builder number. It’s time to build a new world based on the new truth of who we really are. It is time to shine your light, and heal together through relationships that can support that. Together we can uncover our greatest truths and gifts from under the rubble of the past age and step out of the programming and conditioning that has been keeping us playing small.merkaba light body

Uranus and Jupiter so harmoniously activated invite unexpected magic and synchronicities that can quickly move us along this fearless path of Activation. I hope you can join me to tap into the magic of this Full Moon!


Aquarius New Moon, Year of the Fire Cock: Awakening Ahead

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fire-roosterThis New Moon in Aquarius marks the real start of the new energies of 2017 as we move into the Chinese New Year, Year of the Fire Rooster. Mars agrees about the new fiery energies as it hangs at the last degree of Pisces, about to move into it’s home sign of Aries.

Mercury has just come out of it’s retrograde shadow to finally meet up with Pluto, triggering the Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus- T square so prominent this year. As we leap into the new, we are faced with what we must leave behind. Venus square Saturn, conjunct Chiron the wounded healer, is helping us to find the pain and shame within. The pain points us to the source of bs belief systems of our deepest subconscious and collective consciousness, that are no longer serving.goddess overcoming shadow

Mercury says it’s time to understand what needs to be broken down and Mars and Venus in Pisces are saying the wounds of the past have to do with the dis-empowered masculine and feminine within and without. Everywhere where there is shame about who you are or who we are and what we’ve done, humanity, is being revealed in order to be healed. So step into the pain, knowing it is bringing to light the conditioning and beliefs that have been holding you back for so long.

Aquarius wants to step back and get perspective and Mercury is showing up to clarify. Venus and Chiron and Saturn say lets get real about finding and releasing our wounding, and learn to love ourselves enough to bring forward our best gifts to expression in 2017.

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Astrology of 2017: Cock-a-doodle DO!

fire-roosterThe end of January marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster. It’s a year of fiery activations and new beginnings.

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But how are these new beginnings and activations playing out? With Jupiter in Libra, its about expanding this revolution through relationships. There’s some intense energy around building relationships that support the truth of who we really are, so that might mean the breakdown of relationships that are no longer serving.

With Juno and Vesta in the mix, its about committed partnerships in service to the higher good. 2017 is a year of soul sisters and brothers coming together to create and build a new world. With the North Node moving in to Leo in May, we are moving forward in our expression of what is really true, what we have been, through deep internal work of the the last 5 years, cultivating. It’s time to share our gifts with the world.

A massive fire trine just after the Venus retrograde in Pisces/Aries gives us to be the Fire Rooster in our lives. Standing up for whats best for us and those we love. The asteroid goddesses support an activation of the compassionate healers, teachers and mentors of this world to finally show their true colors and share their gifts.

Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher and Classical Homeopath. Find out more at adrienneelise.com. Or contact Adrienne directly to schedule your healing session at adrienne@adrienneelise.com

Full Moon in Cancer: Sweet Surrender

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This Full Moon in Cancer on Jan. 12th joins the dramatic T square between Jupiter Pluto and Uranus, making it into a Grand Cross. But with Mars and Venus both in Pisces, this moon also brings some nurturing, harmonizing balance to all of the hard aspects.

Venus is hanging out with Neptune at 10 degrees, as Neptune finally moves beyond 9 degrees Pisces (been there since the end of Sept!). The Goddess is speaking to Neptune about what she can bring to the healing of the collective consciousness. Mars is bringing its action to Chiron, the wounded healer, and squaring Saturn. Saying lets get this revolutionary collective healing party started!

Mercury turned direct on the 8th bringing all of the planets in direct motion at once until Jupiter turns Rx on Feb. 6. This is telling us that the only way forward, is forward. Chiron and Mars square Saturn says its time to take action on letting go of the painful stories of the past. Mercury’s retrograde cycle from Capricorn, into Sagittarius, and back into Capricorn, wants to bring us the information we need about the revolutionary breakdown and rebuild that needs to happen in the authoritarian structures of our lives. Where do you give away your power?

The Sun visits Pluto in Capricorn just before this Full Moon, illuminating all that has been hidden. The nurturing water energy of these planets trining the moon can help us love ourselves through this rather intense time, to surrender and release the fight of resistance that comes when we hold on to the old. So that we may release it, lighten the load, and move forward into this massively activating and transformational new year of 2017.

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Sun – Pluto, Mercury Direct: Spotlight in the Darkness

spotlight-in-the-darknessOn Saturday, January 7, 2017, the Sun catches up with Pluto in Capricorn, just as Mercury prepares to station direct on the 8th, bringing information and momentum to the game. Pluto rules the shadow and the underworld and the Sun, well you know, it lights stuff up. So here we are, and it could feel a little uncomfortable as our internal struggle somehow gets puked out on the table for everyone to see.

There is no hiding it now, but there’s always a feeling of relief after dramatic release of toxins. And maybe there’s some compassionate souls around you who might pat your back in comfort, and like you even more for showing your vulnerability. Maybe they have tools and support to help you through. 2017 is a year of fire and activation, so no tables will be left un-turned. What is hidden must be revealed. But the cool thing is that more and more we are realizing we are in it together, and together we can thrive instead of just survive. The expression of our inner shadow, brings it to light where it can be healed.

Saturn squaring Chiron is making sure its our deepest, nastiest core wounds that are showing themselves, but that also means that we are sure to be released from any stuckness feeling that may have been holding us back these past weeks or months. Jump on the wild ride of 2017, where we are being asked to wear our hearts on our sleeves. Enjoy the massive benefits of unloading and lightening the load. The year ahead required supple strength and light baggage. By paying swift attention, and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, our growth and life can take magical leaps and bounds in the transformational year ahead.

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Mercury Rx, New Moon, New Year

Mercury, after meeting Pluto and turning retrograde on Dec. 19th, makes an exact conjunction with the New Moon in Capricorn that happens 11:54pm MST Dec. 28th. Join me for a New Moon in Capricorn Activation.

The stars are lining up powerfully, speaking to us about leaping into the new energy of 2017 and the Aquarian Age.


Three massive, large, slow moving planet aspects lead the way in this shift to the new year and new age. Jupiter is exactly opposite Uranus, triggering the generational change-making Pluto-Uranus Square. Jupiter says we must expand in our community, in our relationships, in justice and harmony and working together, in order to bring on the revolution. Saturn makes a triangle with Uranus, harmonizing this process of conceiving and building a new world based on our new spiritual identity.

But Saturn also makes a hard square with Chiron,the wounded healer, which takes us into the new year. We have to get out of victim and let go of all of the oppression we have been allowing in our life. Pluto, being so highlighted right now in Capricorn, speaks about the wounds from power and authority.

Individually and collectively, it is time to take back our power from this falling apart paradigm. The authority of the new age is within each of us. We must let go of all belief systems and conditioning that are holding us back from being who we really are. We must be our own spiritual authority. We have had enough of false gods and oppressive structures. If the universe is within each of us then it makes sense that our authority should come from within as well.new-era-on-earth

Congratulations on making it through 2016!!! Yay for the new energy and a new year!

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Gemini Full Moon December 2016: Seeing Clearly the Year Ahead

This is a powerful Full Moon in Gemini, making an air trine with first Mars, and then Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter, our big expansion planet, is fully triggering the Pluto-Uranus Square of the last few years of astrology. All this air energy and an approaching Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is asking us how we change our understanding and beliefs in order to change our world? We are moving into new energy in 2017, much that has to do with the current Jupiter-Uranus opposition. We want to expand our relationships, harmony and understanding, but how do we do that according to the identity revolution within?

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Gemini, ruled by analyzer Mercury, is helping us to understand our life and what has happened in our internal structures of this last year of 2016. Mercury comes very close to Pluto the dissolver in Capricorn as it turns retrograde on the 19th, but we are already feeling the shadow of this second Mercury retrograde cycle in Capricorn of this year. This retrograde cycle is an opportunity to re-hash and sift through 2016, and prepare for the dynamic, innovative energies of 2017. Take advantage of this Full Moon of insight to the belief structures within and set your course for a deeply satisfying year ahead.

Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher and Classical Homeopath living in Missoula, Montana. Contact her for your Individual Past/Life Aura Reading and Energetic and Timeline Re-set Session at adrienne@adrienneelise.com

Sagittarius New Moon: New Horizon


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This New Moon in Sagittarius is squaring up with Neptune at home in Pisces, currently sitting right on top of the South Node. This is bringing to light our past, and where it is getting in the way of our future. We are coming off an intense month of astrology which has poked and prodded us into a bloom of our individual and collective shadow karma. This New Moon is a great opportunity to use this expansive Sagittarius energy to step back and see the big picture of what’s been going on.

Saturn is also in Sagittarius and has returned to it’s pre-retrograde position of 16 degrees, from last March. Mercury joins Saturn at just at that 16 degree point, punctuating the lessons of 2016. Saturn, as well as our karmic journey, are now moving into new territory. As a ‘9’ year in numerology, 2016 has been a year of completion. We are seeing this in the stars as many astrological patterns of the last few years are coming to a close. With all this shifting and letting go, 2017 looks about as fresh and new as you can get. Yes, new and different but we are finding that we have no idea what that actually means. This mysterious feeling is amplified by Neptune who is just stationing direct. As a slow moving planet, Neptune will linger on the S. node at 9 degrees Pisces for the next month or so. It’s clear that we are in a phase of completion. After so much confusing mutable energy this year, we are left with the feeling that it’s anybody’s guess exactly what is going on.

Venus has joined Pluto in Capricorn and makes a powerful square to both Jupiter and Uranus, activating these generational change-making planets. This is a great time to question and examine beliefs, to seek to understand the neighbor and fellow human. The key to our evolution is being able to see our self in the other. Jupiter in Libra shows us that the way forward, through the chaos into the new age, is through the people closest to us. Sometimes this soul growth through relationships doesn’t really feel very good. Everyone’s most inner shadowy shit is blooming all over the place and that may be trying to our personal relationships. But keep the Sagittarius perspective and remember to see the bigger picture.

Mars our male action planet is in the sign of Aquarius, giving us the feeling like it is really time to move forward and create something new, that feels good to everyone, something sustainable. But the shadows of the past continue to hold us back. Use the rest of 2017
to pave the way of a new path. Its time to shake the skeletons out from the closet. Uranus, the awakener, being triggered by the Goddess Venus, is sitting right next to dwarf planet Ceres, representing nourishment,unconditional love, and planet Earth. This is an Earth Awakening and we are all going through it. Use this potent astrology to dig up all of the outdated and outmoded stories of societal, past-life, and family programming. It is time to stop carrying the burdens and fighting the battles of our ancestors. It is time to surrender to a new way.planetary-consciousness-evolution

The new way is non-violent. The collective awakening cannot tolerate the current level of violence. We are starting to feel each other collectively in a real way. Let Venus lead the way forward in these changing times, urging us to create structures that support the Goddess and female energy in our lives. Love yourself, love the other, forgive yourself, forgive the other, carve out time for your intimate relationship with yourself and the divine. We are creating this reality and our thoughts are really, really important right now. Attention is attraction, so focus on the bigger picture, on what your self love and self care brings to the world. A small amount of people can create a big change. This is a time when we choose our loyalty. Choose to commit to love. Choose to support the truth of who you really are. You have a right to peace, joy and harmony. Honor and recognize the power of waging peace on the war within.

Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher and Classical Homeopath. Contact her for more information or to schedule your Individual Past-life Reading/Energy and Timeline ReSet/Intuitive Healing Session at adrienne@adrienneelise.com

Taurus Full Moon Super Moon ~ Owning the Truth

It’s time to choose love and this Super Moon, so close to Earth, in Venus-ruled Taurus is an activation of healing Goddess energy we need on this planet so badly right now. Venus is in Capricorn, heading towards Pluto, asking us what needs to break down to be able to build new structures that can support the feminine energy of compassion. Gaia goddess is rising as the Earth is getting activated by the Sun. We light-workers are finding each other again, becoming the harmonizing pillars joining heaven and earth. Stand up for what is real and true by the most rebellious act possible, choosing love in every moment.

This Full Moon is very close to Earth making it a Supermoon. And with the Moon exalted in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio, we are examining our values and what really matters. Use the harmonizing moment of this Full Moon to cement in new patterns of supporting the Feminine within. This time challenges us to find delve beneath the hatred and negativity to find compassion. This Full Moon at 22 degrees, the master builder number, is speaking about building a new world based on the values of the compassionate Intuitive Empath. You must love yourself enough to be able to stand up for what really matters. Be strong in your softness.

The Sun is right next to Black Moon Lilith, the apogee, or furthest point of the moon’s orbit. Lilith energy represents the angry, cast aside, feminine. We must reclaim this part of ourselves in order to be whole beings and build this new world. We each lead the revolution individually when we can value the invisible, healing forces of love, again in our lives. loving couple

Venus joins Pluto in Capricorn, bringing energy around what needs to break down and how do we build a new world that can support the divine feminine within. Jupiter in venus-ruled Libra is squaring up with Pluto, asking us to expand into releasing the old and finding new support for the truth of humanity as compassionate beings. Neptune is right on top of the South Node, speaking about what delusions lurk in our past that have not yet been resolved. These shadowy places must come into the light before we can move forward as a culture, and now is the time.new earth future

Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher and Classical Homeopath. Find out more at adrienneelise.com or contact her directly for your Individual Past-life Reading/Energy Re-set Session at adrienne@adrienneelise.com