Full Moon in Taurus – Love ThySelf

Taurus Bull Wallpaper Taurus Magmoose Wallpaper FlatThis Full Moon is happening Friday, November 3rd at 10:23pm, along side a few powerful exact aspects, or angles between planets.

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The Sun in Scorpio is exactly trine Neptune in Pisces, while Mercury, also in Scorpio trines up with Chiron. This brings harmonizing energy to facing the deep truths that all this Scorpio energy is bringing up. Jupiter expands whatever it comes into and so we are bringing light to the hidden, shadowy parts of our lives, that we have rather left unseen.

Its a bit uncomfortable, especially with Saturn, heading towards the Galactic Center, is in an exact square with Chiron. It is our destiny to clean up the dark, hidden memories of our past and our collective consciousness. What is it that keeps you repeating those same old negative patterns? It’s time to dive deep and pull it up by the roots.lotus roots

With asteroid Goddess Pallas Athene hanging out with the Moon and directly opposing Jupiter, there is energy for diplomacy and non-violence. It’s a great time to learn to love yourself through all of the shadows, and put down the enemy within. Mars our warrior planet is in compromising Libra. With these Mercury aspects, we are getting an opportunity to step back for greater understanding, see all sides of the story, and find forgiveness for ourselves and others.

Venus is in exact opposition to Uranus , the Awakener coming to the end degrees of the sign of incarnation, Aries. We are waking up to who we really are and Venus is saying it is time to re-arrange our value system accordingly.pisces dream

We are being asked to let go of the way we thought it was supposed to be, and surrender into the unknown. It’s difficult, but the Universe has our back with all of these harmonizing aspects. This Taurus Full Moon gives us a great opportunity to leave behind the destructive stories of the past and step into the next chapter.

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Libra New Moon – Radical Shift in Perspective

Untitled design (3)

Another potent New Moon. Venus joins the Sun in Libra which kind of of lightens the energy, as the Goddess loves to be home in her own sign. That’s good because she can help harmonize Mars who is still in Virgo, opposing Chiron. There is tension around the wounded masculine in all of us. How can we move forward without force? Mars is a ruler of Scorpio, highlighted as Jupiter has moved into Scorpio on October 10th, bringing a huge shift in energy.

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A stellium of planets are like the entourage, following king Jupiter’s path from Libra to Scorpio. That means all of these planets, Mercury, the Moon and then the Sun, visit the opposition to Uranus, before crossing over Jupiter. This Jupiter opposing Uranus has been a big part of the wacky energy of 2017. hubble-nasa-space-1215743-o
Mercury wants us to tune in and understand. And Jupiter in Scorpio is sure to reveal the shadowy parts of life. The end of October is particularly spooky and confusing this year, with the Sun coming up to Jupiter on the 26th, amplifying the Scorpio energy. Mercury trines Neptune in Pisces while Saturn will be in exact square to Chiron in Pisces.

With such an activation of Uranus, so many Mercury aspects, Jupiter in Scorpio, and all this Pisces energy, we are sure to get a radical perspective change by the end of October.

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Full Moon in Aries: Step Into a New Reality

ariesThis Aries New Moon is a transformational opportunity. So many powerful aspects are going on, some very harmonizing. If you want to step through to a new reality, this might be the perfect time.

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We’ve had a bunch of mystical rectangle energy between Virgo and Pisces. Mercury, Mars and Venus are all in Virgo and have been taking turns opposing Neptune and then Chiron in Pisces. Virgo wants to clean it up and with these personal planets, our male, our female and our mental understanding, we are trying to take a good Virgo-like discriminating look at what is really going on. It’s a good time to come out of delusion, see the truth and escape the matrix.

Mars and Venus coming together speaks to the male and female within and coming out of the illusion of separation. We’ve been taught to fight against the ‘other’ in this world, but that is getting old. Marts and Venus come together while opposing Chiron, urging us to heal our inner wounds around separation from Source Energy.loving couple

Big changes are on the way. Pluto turned direct on September 28. All of our large, trans-personal planets that represent the invisible world have been retrograde, changing it up behind the scenes. Pluto is a powerful planet that we really feel when it stations direct. Pluto wants to break down and uncover the essentials. In Capricorn, all structures of our lives are up for review.the tower

On that same day, we feel the exact opposition of Jupiter and Uranus, also both in Cardinal signs. There is tension in the air here between what is serving us and what is not serving us. What is being revealed, is where we have compromised our self away in our life. There is a great desire to claim back our personal power.

There is tension, but there is also magic, as the Sun-Moon opposition mirrors the Jupiter-Uranus making a mystical rectangle, portal to the new.portal space

It is a great opportunity to break free from whatever the chains that bind you. Aries wants freedom. And with Mercury opposing Chiron, we might finally get the information and perspective we have been waiting for, in order to really understand what has been holding us back.spring in step

Saturn trining up with the North Node of future karma in Leo brings out the fire and confidence to leap ahead. Even though Pluto turning direct can feel intense, the energy is further harmonized by a grand Earth trine between Pluto, Venus in Virgo, and Pallas Athene in Taurus. Our physical reality is being transformed to better match our vibrational reality. This Earth trine brings harmony to the process. Let your world evolve around you. Be ready to let go of every way you thought your life should be.

We are having an opportunity to connect to the living Earth more than we ever have. We are being invited to birth anew our individual fire into this world. Creative solutions are available for all of our issues. The energy is ripe for building new structures of power and belief that support and honor the divine feminine and the divine masculine, on Earth and within the human. A new birth for Unity consciousness.

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New Moon in Virgo – Virgin ReBirth


We are still reeling from the Eclipse energies, but this Virgo Full Moon can help us ground out and get perspective. Mercury, Virgo’s ruler is coming out of it’s retrograde shadow and sits directly opposite Neptune in Pisces. We are being forced to re-evaluate and reconcile our dreams/visions/delusions with our everyday reality.

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Venus is hanging out on the Eclipse point, bringing the issues of the Eclipse home. What do you really care about and what needs to be released from your life?

Relationships with self and other are highlighted with Jupiter in accommodating Libra, opposing Uranus the game-changer in ‘my way or the highway’ Aries. How do we move forward and expand in relationships while still being true to our own needs?

It feels like the wildfire smoke is clearing from this fiery activating year of 2017. We have stepped through the ring of fire. But now we can feel the seasons begin to change. It’s a time to be mutable, clean up, digest, and allow for adjustment to the potent transformational energies of the last 6 weeks. Clarity and direction are on the way.

We are in a time of re-orientation, which is necessary before we can leap ahead. We have all been energetically adjusted. We need to figure out where we are headed, by finding a fresh way of looking at where we have been. There is a huge opportunity for a fresh new start, a virgin re-birth, with the Sun and the Moon together opposing Chiron, the wounded healer.

Mercury direct, coming out of retrograde shadow, opposing Neptune is like the smoke clearing. Expect a fresh new perspective. Use this Virgo energy to ground out and get organized. Virgo rules digestion. Heal, and clear, and assimilate. We are calibrating to a new way ahead.

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Pisces Full Moon – SURRENDER

pisces eclipseWow are you feeling the post-eclipse confusion? Well if you are, you are one step closer to your true path. This Pisces Full Moon, (Sept. 6 1:03am MST) conjunct Neptune, is a culmination of the Eclipse season, and an important opportunity to re-calibrate and surrender to the massive influlx of energies from the Leo Eclipse.

This Full Moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces bringing a powerful connection to all that is, amidst all this confusion. Pisces energy speaks the past age and all that needs to be rearranged in order to move into the future. Pisces and Neptune represent the collective consciousness, our dreams but also our delusions.

And we are sitting in a place of total confusion, where we may feel like we don’t know what is past, what is future. Where are we going? Where we are coming from? This is exactly right. We are in primordial soup of life, trying to be reborn. Confusion and disorientation is to be expected. You are a butterfly in a cocoon, not sure if you are a larva, caterpillar, if you even exist at all. Is it all just a strange dream?butterfly

Saturn has turned direct but we are not feeling any clarity or impetus to move forward as long as Mercury is still retrograde. Mercury going backwards and Mars, who desperately wants to act in all this, going forwards come together for a powerful conjunction at the eclipse degree. Expect to relive the eclipse energies. Hopefully with more clarity this time.

Mercury turns direct the day before this Full Moon. It is time to move out of the confusion and into the light. We saw a vision of what was possible with the Leo Eclipse, but woke up to the reality of the mess that is in the way of getting there.mess

For this Full Moon, The N. Node, Mercury, Mars and Venus are all in Leo. The Sun in Virgo, and Mars soon to join, as well as Mercury after it turns direct, will guide us into clarity and having the strength to face and begin to clean up the mess. Saturn in direct motion is heading back towards the Galactic Center, a desperate call for us to arrive on our true path as illuminated by this Leo eclipse.

This Fall can be a time of clarity and forward motion in new directions, the true beginning of 2017 astrology, now that the eclipse season is behind us. So sit tight and surrender to your great transformation as this fire trine energy comes to Earth. There is also an Earth trine between Pallas Athene in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun in Virgo. It’s time to bring it home, and make it real, the visions and possibilities that we have been shown. It’s time for fairness and equality, and healing our body and our Earth.Earth-Heart-psd45988

Tap into these energies and allow the reset and recalibration to occur. There are powerful opportunities for clarity and guidance with Mercury turning direct and Mercury and Mars trining up with Uranus on the eclipse degree. Sit tight, surrender, let yourself rest and rejuvenate, while paying close attention to insights and information coming in about the exciting path ahead.

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Leo Total Solar Eclipse: You Came Here to Shine!

total solar eclipseThere is a Total Solar Eclipse happening at 28 degrees Leo on Monday, August 21 2017, the first visible eclipse in the U.S. in a long time.

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We have been breaking down old structures behind the scenes for a long time. This eclipse represents the start of a new cycle. It’s finally time for the expression, in our outer reality, of the consciousness changes that have been happening in our world.leo lion

This starts with you, as you begin to find permission to validate your True Self Worth and begin to express your unique divine gifts. You came here to shine.

We have all been playing small with societal and ancestral programming keeping us in fear and denial of our power and connection to source. But this Leo Total Eclipse is saying it is time to play big. Leo has the confidence and determination to creatively express their Truth. The light of the Sun, Moon, North Node and Mars, all in Leo, are calling us home to expression of what is truly in our heart.woman in air

Around the time of this eclipse, the Sun, Moon and Mars all come into a harmonious trine, first with Saturn and then with Uranus. Saturn is limitations and karma and duty. Uranus is the revolution, the awakener. This confirms that this Eclipse is about awakening to your true path. These aspect bring great harmonizing support for the process.

Eclipses are about what needs to be revealed. In Leo, it is about what is in the way of you expressing your true, sparkly self. Mercury Retrograde, in Virgo and Leo, is helping us with this. Helping us clean house and sort out everything old that is in the way of our true expression.Equinox horizon

During the week of this eclipse, Venus is in Cancer, opposing Pluto, triggers the revolutionary generational evolutionary game-changing Pluto-Uranus Square. We are breaking down the structures that are no longer working so we can build new, innovative ones. Jupiter in Libra in T-square, in the sign of relationships, makes our personal interactions the most fertile ground for revolutionary change.

Change is in the air, but don’t expect clarity about what that means in the practical world until after Mercury turns direct on Sept. 5th. There will be a powerful Full Moon in Pisces on Sept. 6, to help in releasing the old wounds and traumatic stories, to re-write the script of your life.new age

True resolution of this entire summer of astrology won’t really begin until Mercury comes out of it”s retrograde shadow on Sept. 19th. This makes the New Moon in Virgo on Sept. 20th a powerful new beginning for 2017. With four planets in Virgo for the 2nd half of September it will be time to re-imagine and re-build your life, in a fresh new way.

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Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Enter the Eclipse Portal

full moon eclipseEclipse Season is upon us. This partial Lunar Eclipse, happening at 12:11pm MST on August 7th, at 15 degrees Aquarius, is leading us into the Eclipse Portal of The Total Solar Eclipse of Aug. 21st. Use this time to prepare yourself to leap forward.

With four planets and the North Node in fire signs, things are heating up. We are being called to activate and with all this Leo energy, that means it’s time to shine.sun-light

We are having an opportunity to leap onto our most optimal timeline during this Eclipse cycle. That is a life worth living, where you are doing what you love. Aquarius wants to help the community. We are being called to divine service which means it’s time to stop playing small and start expressing our own unique gifts. The way forward into the Aquarian Age is about activation into the reality of our individual expression of the divine.aquarius

Some of us are discovering our gifts, some of us are honing them. Some of us are meeting our True Self for the first time. Eclipses illuminate and reveal. This Eclipse season is about coming into the Truth of who we really are.

We are still feeling the exact Jupiter square to Pluto. This full moon is an opportunity to gain clarity, and see the truth about what we need to let go of in order to step on our path. New relationships are coming. The soul family is coming back together. Which means there may be some relationships that it might be time to let fall away.fun

Mercury is getting ready to turn retrograde, slowing down, at the time of this Full Moon. We are receiving massive activating energies from our Sun, and there is a fire under our butt, with all these planets in fire signs. But Mercury retrograde is urging us to slow down and allow ourselves to integrate, to clean up old ties, cleanse and heal, in order to catapult forward. Mercury will turn direct on September 5th, so don’t expect anything about this next month to really make sense until after that.

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New Moon 0 degrees Leo: Claim Your Joy!

leo_the_lion-This New Moon happening on July 23rd, at the very beginning of Leo, marks the beginning of the 2017 Summer Eclipse Season. We are breaking new ground and heading into new territory as the Moon joins Mars and the Sun and they head into heartwarming Leo.

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Leo wants to have fun, to be like a child, to create and express. This New Moon is introducing us to this period of time, for about a year and a half, that the Moon’s North Node is in Leo. The North Node is our future karma, how we are going to get where we are headed. In Leo the way forward is through generous expression of our unique inner gifts. This is fun. This is joyful. For this path, we must re-claim our Joy.soul team

It’s a fiery time and a gateway to a new way of living, really living. No more playing small. The world needs you to shine. Mars brings the heat, and together with the Sun in Leo, for a few weeks in a row, is asking us to get real about spicing up our life. Mars and the Sun are urging us into daily action that affirms the life we really want, a life of true expression, a life worth living.

Don’t hold back now. Get on the train of transformation. The Universe wants to help you truly live. Truly live your own unique divine expression. More than ever, now, the world needs your light. This is True Abundance.self-love-woman

The Sun, Mars and the Moon square up with Uranus just before this New Moon. Pay attention to the unexpected messages and synchronicities. Validate and honor your inner gifts by making small movements, everyday, towards this life of expression.

We are also feeling Jupiter in an exact square with Pluto. Jupiter in Libra wants to expand diplomacy while Pluto wants to destroy outmoded structures and systems of belief. The cosmos is ushering in a new awareness, a new way to relate. What if each of us is a beautifully unique facet, each a piece of the Cosmic Sun?sun-light

You can use this potent energy to re-set your course, jump onto your most optimal timeline, and choose the exciting life you dream of. In order to do this, we must be willing to leave behind all the old stories of limitation, that have been programmed into our psyche through our ancestry, past-live, and societal conditioning.

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Eclipse Season Summer 2017: Portal to True Abundance

Untitled design (1)This Summer 2017 Eclipse Season is an opportunity to step into a portal into your most amazing life. The universe is supporting us in a complete release of programming and conditioning and a gateway to jump on our most optimal personal timeline. Our individual willingness to take this leap can have a huge effect in the collective consciousness.peaceful revolution

With the North Node in Leo, our path forward is in the expression of our own unique divine gifts. It is the end of playing small. The world needs your light more than ever. So many soul-spirits are walking this Earth, frustrated and in despair about not being able to actualize their potential. But now the time has come to be released from this program of victimhood.personal power

All of us have given over our power and most precious vibrational energy in order to survive. But the abundance we seek is actually found within. When we find the confidence and strength to unleash our gifts and give them generously to the world, it’s win-win. You have an amazing life worth living, and the world is a better place.

Leo rules creative energy, confidence, and expression. It’s the King or Queen within. That means it is time to take back our power and start living the lives we were meant to live. This is the life we dreamed of before our incarnation as starseeds to assist in the spiritual evolution of this planet. We have been targeted with programming, disease, and trauma, but we are so much stronger than all that. We are the light of the Universe and it is time to hear us Roar!leo lion

Mars moves into Leo on July 20th, the Sun follows on July 22nd. Eclipse season officially begins on July 23rd, the first New Moon in Leo, at 0 degrees, on July 23rd. Mars and the Sun stay close together, first in Cancer and then into Leo, for about a month. Take daily action to affirm the life you desire, a life of full creative expression. Make a small, but affirming and validating step each day as a way to nurture yourself into this powerful self-expression and prepare you to step through the portal of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on Aug. 21st.

Jupiter is making an exact square to Pluto on August 8th, but we will be feeling this strong through the whole eclipse cycle. There is tension around growing harmony and the old structures of authoritarian belief systems and historical and societal programming that has been holding us back.

Take advantage of this powerful time in history to jump on your optimal timeline. Let all of your lifetimes stories snap back into place. Make sure to join me for the Live Activations for these New and Full Moons to tap into the powerful energy of the moment. Activations are live even on the replay, the energy of the time encoded into the recording.

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Key Dates for Eclipse Season Summer 2017
July 20 Mars moves into Leo
July 21 Mercury conjuncts North Node
July 22 Sun moves into Leo
July 23 1st New Moon in Leo-0 degrees
July 24 Mercury trines Uranus
July 26 Mercury moves into Virgo (Rx Aug. 12th, returns to Leo Aug 31)
Aug 4 Jupiter Squares Pluto (but feeling from 7/15-8/20)
Aug 7 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 15 degrees Aquarius
Aug 16 Sun conjuncts North Node
Aug 15-24 Venus in Cancer triggers Pluto-Uranus-Jupiter T-Square
Aug 21 New Moon Total Solar Eclipse 28 degrees Leo
Aug 21 Moon and Sun trine Uranus
Aug 26 Sun conjunct Mercury
Aug 26 Saturn turns direct
Aug 27 Mars conjuncts North Node
Sept 3 Mercury conjuncts Mars
Sept 5 Mercury turns Direct
Sept 6 Full Moon 13 degrees Pisces

Full Moon in Capricorn – Take Back Your Power!

Capricorn Take back your power

This Full Moon (July 8th, 10:07pm MST) is happening right next to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is power and Capricorn is authority structures. The Moon is emotions, nurturing, and the past. This Full Moon, and the week leading up to it, will bring forward intense emotions around nurturing and power.

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 The Sun, Mercury, and Mars all take turns this week squaring Jupiter, opposing Pluto, and squaring Uranus, triggering a grand Cardinal Cross and the last 5-6 years of astrology. Mercury and Mars together say it is time to take action, based on new understanding, to better allow ourselves to be nurtured in the world. Where have you given your power away to secure nurturing? We all have, because we live in an upside down, patriarchal power paradigm, which is getting really old.

We are all feeling it, with intense emotions, the areas of our life where we are disempowered. Where we may feel victimized by life and haven’t allowed ourselves to receive support. This week leading up to the Full Moon is a time of intensity. These big issues of the collective consciousness are coming home into our every day intimate life. Especially with expansive Jupiter, now direct, in Libra the sign of relationships, in a T-square with Pluto and Uranus.

It’s hard to hide from our deeper feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. But that is a good thing. Do not run from this intensity. Step into it, and use this Cancer energy to nurture yourself into a new level of deserving nurturing. It’s time to take action on bring in more of what really supports you and releasing the toxic, fake love and unhealthy situations.

You deserve better. Why? Because we all do, we have just been programmed to think differently. Like there is some authority out there that gets to say whether we get to have what we need. When in actuality, we are made of, and therefore, have total access to the power of the universe.sacred marriage

It’s time to take back your power. It’s time to do what you need to do, to nurture yourself into a new reality. One where you feel supported in bringing forward the precious gifts you came here to express.personal power

As we move into Leo eclipse season, We can step into a portal to a life of true expression. This is the life we dreamed of when we came here as starseeds to Earth to assist in this spiritual evolution. There’s something special inside you that needs to be released from this illusory power paradigm and be nurtured into expression. Now is the time. The world needs your gifts. Everything you do to resolve and heal these issues within you, is a huge help to the collective consciousness. Thank You for shining your light!!!

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