New Moon in Cancer: Emotional Intelligence


This New Moon in Cancer is a great time to nurture ourselves into a new emotional intelligence.

The Sun and Mercury, the messenger, move together into receptive Cancer on June 20th/21st. This is a time for reflection and assimilation. With all these planets in nurturing Cancer (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars), this is a great time to turn the corner on self respect, inviting new systems of self-care.

The North Node in Leo for the next year and a half is asking us to stand up and shine. But how can we do that while we refuse to honor and support our inner being on a fundamental level? How can we expect the world to receive our light and gifts if we can’t value and nurture them within our own self? This New Moon is a great opportunity to enact ‘radical self-care’.

At the time of this New Moon, Venus is making a harmonious trine with Pluto saying that the way forward, away from the toxic structures of our past, and into new and better relationships and situations, can be harmonious and sweet. Venus at home in Taurus wants us to commit to honoring what really matters. There is great support for expressing, with the right words, this new emotional intelligence. It’s a time for harmonious change based on our new value system.

We need to nurture and nourish ourselves now, in order to prepare for the intense growth that is coming in July and August. Tune in to this Live Activation to reset your emotional intelligence and self-care practices. When commit to this path, we bring these new realities to the light of day and become a dynamic part of the exciting changes coming to our planet.

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Full Moon in Sagittarius – Transformation Gateway

Untitled designThis Sagittarius Full Moon highlights the transformational energy of 2017. It’s happening! What does that mean for you?

We are feeling the Grand Fire Trine that was just triggered by Venus, activating us into the changes we need to make to bring our life more into alignment with our true values. Saturn trine Uranus is saying lets do it now and make it real. It’s time to start really living. Join me for the live Activation and tap into this powerful transformational energy of 2017.

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New Moon in Gemini: Clarion Call

Clarion Call (1)

This New Moon in Gemini is bringing clarity to everything we have been going through for the past 5 months and 5 years. This Spring was flavored with the retrograde. Venus and Mercury have just now returned to their pre-retrograde position and come out of shadow. It’s time to move into new territory.

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This is supported by the North Node of the Moon having recently moved into the sign of Leo. The North Node represents future karma and the path forward. Leo represents expression, play, and creativity. It’s time to forge ahead and shine your light in a whole new way.North Node of the Moon enters Leao (1)

Mercury, the messenger, is the ruler of Gemini, and so it is exalted during this New Moon, when the Sun and the Moon come together in Gemini. This is opening up new avenues of communication and connection. We have yet to gather the information that is ready for us from this recent Mercury retrograde. But now that Mercury and Venus are both out of their retrograde shadow, it’s time to make sense of it all. Lighting up the Shadows (1)

Venus is hanging out with Uranus the Awakener in Aries. This is bringing unexpected insights and shifts about what we really care about. We went through an internal journey these last few months and now it is time for what we have learned to show itself in real time in our outer reality. It’s time to enact the changes that are required in order to be more true to your self, and what you really want.

This aspect triggers the Pluto-Uranus square of revolutionary generational change. Mercury crossed over Uranus three times in it’s retrograde cycle and now we get to be illuminated as to what the messenger has figured out. Uranus and Venus are opposite of Jupiter in Libra, making the issues amplified in our personal relationships. And squaring Pluto, further calling for the breakdown of what is no longer serving.the tower

Uranus and Venus also make a harmonious trine with Saturn in Sagittarius, still real close to the Galactic Center. Pay attention and be open to new information and activities that will lead you to your path of destiny. It’s time to start living like you really want to. And the Clarion Call of this Gemini New Moon is leading the way. The North Node in Leo is calling us into the light. It’s time to start expressing the precious gifts you have worked for lifetimes to perfect for this particular transformational lifetime on planet Earth.Leadership and Abundance Training (1)

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Lighting Up the Shadows – Venus and Mercury Coming out of Retrograde Shadow

Lighting up the Shadows (1)What’s happening now is that we are seeing clearly, and the truth is being revealed, about what is not working in our life. Before, we could just go along with it and say ‘it’s ok’. But now, we have to face the reality of what really needs to be changed. And it’s blooming like Spring, and it’s blooming big.

A lot of people are struggling with issues that before were in the background, but are now right in their face. Things usually get uncomfortable before we are willing to make a change. Whatever you can’t hide from anymore, that is what, in your life, needs attention.

Big, generational changes are at stake. Venus and Mercury both made three passes each over Uranus the Awakener in Aries and triggering the T square with Pluto and Jupiter. We are awakening to our truth, we are awakening to what really matters, we are awakening to our true purpose and potential. We have to face what in our life is truly supporting us, and what is not.snake shedding skin

It might feel intense, but its actually a great opportunity to shed that old skin. Can you imagine what the snake feels like when their old skin is getting tight and restricting? It is when the animal is at it’s most vulnerable, unable to really move until the process is complete. Many are feeling this way right now. but facing these shadows now will pay off big in the future. New light is coming in.sun soul

The Venus retrograde shadow started all the way back at the end of January. It has been a long late Winter and Spring of evaluating, and feeling, and examining what we really care about, what we really want to put our energy towards in life. But in order to enter the new chapter, we must face and leave behind what is no longer working. Now is the time to enact the changes based on your new value system that has been crafting within over these last few months.divided path

Venus and Mercury are moving into new territory and it is time for you to do that too. But this can’t help but to highlight what is heavy and weighing us down in our beliefs and patterns, our relationships, our families, our jobs. Finally the way forward is clear, but it takes picking ourselves up out of the rubble, forgiving and letting go of the past, in order to move into the light.

A new future awaits, signified by the recent shift of the nodal axis, moving the North Node into the sign of playful, creative, and expressive Leo. It’s time to walk our talk and practice what we preach. There is a huge opportunity in 2017 to step on your true path and pave the way for a deeply satisfying life. But before we can forge ahead, we must face the shadows that have been revealed by the incoming light….sacred marriage

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Scorpio Full Moon: Gateway

Gateway (2)

This is another powerful Moon. Scorpio is the sign of death and re-birth and the underworld. We are just coming out of three months of heavy retrograde energy with Venus and Mercury. Mercury, the messenger, is now direct and hanging out with Uranus, the awakener in Aries. It’s finally time to move forward, but not without some enlightening shifts to help release the past.

This Scorpio Full Moon is a gateway to the next chapter. We are having an opportunity to look back and release all the painful stories and hidden shadows of the past. The tower is falling. Best to take the ego-death and move on. Time to forgive and forget, let go and release, and turn towards the new. Love your way through the rubble of the breakdown of structures happening around you, and trudge on into a new day.

2017 is a year of fiery activation. There is a fire under our butt with Saturn hanging out on the Galactic Center. Saturn is making a harmonious trine with Mercury and Uranus. This is a great time for unexpected and enlightening information to find it’s way to you, as Saturn urges us to make our dreams come home to Earth in real time.

And now is the time. On May 10th, the North Node moves into the sign of Leo. The North Node represents our future karma, where we are heading and how to get there. Leo says it’s time for the fire cock to shine. No more playing small. Time to get real with why you are on the planet and start creating your most amazing life.Leadership and Abundance Training (1)

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Taurus New Moon – New Self Worth, New Chapter

Taurus Bull Wallpaper Taurus Magmoose Wallpaper FlatThis is another powerful New Moon as Mercury in Rx revisits Uranus in Aries to trigger the 2017 T-Square between Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto.

Just as the Sun moves into Taurus, Mercury retrogrades from Taurus back into Aries. This Taurus New Moon with Mercury retrograde is getting us the information we need to move into our next chapter.

Venus direct, but still in Pisces, is helping us come to terms with what we have discovered in these last 6 weeks of Venus Retrograde. It is time to make adjustments in our life according to what we really want, and what we really value.

Juno, asteroid Goddess of committed partnerships, is coming up with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the destroyer and any long term relationships that are still hanging by a thread are sure to be tested in these next couple of weeks. As Venus returns to Aries, the Warrior Goddess in each of us is activated into standing up for the life we really want.

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Libra Full Moon – Tipping the Scales

4 RWHoa! This full moon is incredibly potent as it triggers the Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus T-Square. It’s time to finally see, in our outward manifested reality, what this huge generational shift of our time is really about. We are tipping the scales into our new world.

The Moon is hanging out with Jupiter in Libra while the Sun cavorts with Uranus in Aries. Both are squaring game-changer Pluto in Capricorn. Our identity and our emotions, as well as our daily reality are getting into the mix of this huge generational shift. This started 5 years ago, but is just now manifesting for real in our everyday life. Every day is different. We are waking up. We are becoming the new evolution and now its time our world began to show this fact. 2017 is the beginning of the revolution, but what does that mean for you?

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Aries New Moon – Spark of Creation

aries sparksThis New Moon is the official celebration of Spring and the Sun crossing over the Aries point into the new zodiacal season.

This New Moon in Aries happens at 8:54pm MST Monday, March 27th, 2017. This year is particularly Spring-y as we have Venus taking a retrograde in Aries/Pisces and crossing over this point of creation three times. Venus is what we care about, what we love, what we value. In Aries it is about the self. This Spring is an important moment in time to recreate and rebirth ourselves.

Venus and the Sun come together just before this potent New Moon in Aries, bringing illumination and clarity to this dramatic self-transformation. Meanwhile, Mercury the Messenger is coming up on Uranus and triggering the Grand Cardinal Cross between Vesta and Pluto, and Jupiter and Uranus. This year, Spring means revolutionary, sudden, and dramatic leap into the future.

Tap into this powerful energy and use it to re-set your vibration to create the life you really want.

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Virgo Full Moon – Something New is Germinating

This Virgo Full Moon happens at 8:54am, Sunday, March 4, 2017. This Full Moon is a completion of the recent Eclipse cycle. Virgo wants to analyze, clean up, and get organized. We are getting the information we need to do just that, with Mercury the messenger and the Sun coming up to Chiron, the wounded healer, in Pisces.

Venus is in retrograde March 4- April 15th, giving us an opportunity to review our values, particularly our self-value, as she spends so much time in Aries. Uranus in Aries is getting triggered by opposing Jupiter in Libra, making this about our relationships, to our self and others. Uranus in Aries means a makeover for our identity, and our relationships are bringing us the experiences we need to make this transformation.IDL TIFF file

With Venus rx we are evaluating our values and our needs. And the ram is willing to stand up for them. Enjoy this warrior Goddess activation as our feminine within gets a makeover in it’s self-esteem. Do you value yourself enough to stand up for your values? Asks asteroid Vesta, who is in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn. She rules the sacred fire within of our higher path of higher service. She is massively coming in to the mix by making the T-Square of Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter into a grand cross.

This Full Moon calls for bold steps within to clean up the messes that are preventing the new you from coming through. Self-care is really important. Venus Rx in Aries wants to be with itself and honor itself. Something new is germinating. Prepare the ground and till the soil for a foundation for your new life ahead.

Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse: Dream a New Dream

pisces dreamWith this powerful Solar Eclipse in Pisces (Sun. Feb 26, 7:58 MST), we have an opportunity to change the backdrop of our lives. That could include a landslide of past patterns coming up for review, but if we can sit tight and feel out our feelings, we have an opportunity to release quite a load of baggage we may have been carrying for a long time.

With 5 planets and the South Node of the Moon in Pisces, we are being invited to the watery depths of the collective consciousness. But with Venus and Mars still in Aries, and Mars coming up to Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, there is also plenty of fire energy, inspiring us into action.

It’s a showdown, at the time of this Eclipse, between Neptune conjunct the Sun and Moon in dreamy Pisces, and Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries, triggering the generational game changer T- square with Pluto and opposing Jupiter. Mars loves being at home in Aries, and brings a burst of fiery, new energy. Without a retrograde this year, Mars is really ready to run with taking some action on creating a new earth future

But Chiron in Pisces square Saturn and the S. Node in Pisces are saying there maybe some delusions of the past that need to come to light before we can face taking action towards the future. Thus, the landslide.landslide

Eclipses represent what needs to be revealed and all this Aries energy and triggering of the Pluto Uranus Square means we can’t keep anything down.Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Chiron wants to know the truth no matter how painful. Things that have been hidden just below the surface, in our personal life and greater world, are sure to get revealed during the time around this momentous eclipse. Whether tears of release or outburst of anger, it is sure to come flying out over this next week.

All this fire and water speaks to the ancient art of Alchemy, where Alchemists strove to join these two powerful forces together. We are getting the green light from the universe that it is now time to scrap the old painful patterns and use our new awareness to create something entirely new.alchemy

Pisces rules the imagination and our ability to create from the collective consciousness. Why not take advantage of the alchemy of the stars to pull in a whole new backdrop to your life? We have been fed and are used to a certain reality. Maybe it is not set in stone, but more like a dry erase board? If so, this Eclipse is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, re-set back to white, and begin painting our life into a whole new

That is the power available to us in this Pisces Eclipse, to recreate our reality to better fit the truth of who we are. Literally erasing the pain of the past in order to create a brighter future. We can use the beautiful confusion and spiritual connection of this Pisces energy to direct a new course, one more in alignment with our true values. We can use the magic of this moment to jump timelines onto the most appropriate path for our most optimal future.yellow brick road

Using this fire energy, we can find the courage to leap off in this new direction that more accurately represents the truth of who we really are. And one by one, as we take that leap into the unknown, into surrender into the most amazing reality, we can bring the rest of the humanity with us. Together we can Dream a New Dream.