Aries Full Moon – Freedom From the Past

aries ramThis Full Moon in Aries happens at the early degrees, right next to Chiron, as it retrogrades back in to Pisces. This is highlighting the ‘Aries Point’, the beginning of an astrological Spring, and new beginnings. While at the same time, this Full Moon is highlighting everywhere we are stuck in old patterns of wounds and traumas. It is a juxtaposition of old and new, exactly where we are at with the overall astrology, as new timelines are trying to land, and new chapters trying to open.

This Full Moon, as well as Chiron, is in square to Saturn, now direct, but still in it’s retrograde shadow at the early degrees of Capricorn. We have allowed the stories of our past to have power over us, and it is time to let it go. Aries demands freedom, especially at the early degrees. But how to let go of the past, if we can’t find the stories? Expect a bloom of past karma, but also miracle healings and potent messages from the outer realms of the cosmos. It’s time to let go of all that holds us back. For good.

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Virgo New Moon – New Age, New Birth

mother earthThis potent New Moon in Virgo happens across the zodiac from Neptune in Pisces. We are being pulled into the past and to the future all at once.

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We are trying to recover from this Summer’s Eclipses and retrogrades. Energy is coming back, but things are still pretty weird. We are having a major adjustment, in this 2018, year of assimilation. Our world is finally shifting to better reflect our true spiritual reality and human evolution, but the process can be a little crazy. This Virgo New Moon offers us an opportunity to ground out, clean house, and be ready to re-birth into new energies.

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Pisces Full Moon – Full Speed Ahead

full speed aheadThis Pisces Full Moon, on August 26th, completes the Eclipse cycle of Summer 2018. Now, we are adjusting to everything that has happened. Mercury turned direct on Sunday, the 19th and Mars will turn direct next Monday the 27th. Saturn is soon to follow, turning direct on Sept. 5th. Our three action planets are coming back in the game.

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Not so fast! The fallout of the Summer retrogrades continues. Mercury will be in it’s retrograde shadow until the beginning of September, Mars won’t exit his shadow until October 9th. That might be good, we need some time to assimilate all this before we hit the ground running into the dynamic last months of 2018.

Mars has retrograded into Capricorn, making this last week of Mars retrograde the most challenging. We missed something and we have to go back and get it. It has to do with where we have given our power away and our permission for our own spiritual autonomy. The end of Capricorn is an interesting place for Mars to make it’s dramatic turnaround. It’s sure to create a vortex of energy. Its up to us whether it will be frustration, or empowerment, or perhaps a little of both.

It’s a short stint, though. Mars will return to Aquarius on September 10th. Also shedding light on Capricorn is Venus, in square to Pluto, until the end of the month. The Goddess in all of us is ready to get empowered and stand up for her own self respect.

Jupiter is doing some mudslinging, in square to Mercury in Leo. It’s time to plow through and clear everything in the way of shining our light. This is supported by Jupiter in trine to Neptune. This is all about truth, spiritual truth, the truth of who YOU are. It’s helpful to remember, whatever we are experiencing, has the immediate effect of helping us forge our way back into connection with our highest, most spiritual self.

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Leo Solar Eclipse – Step Through to the Real You

leo lionThis is the third and final Eclipse of Summer 2018. We are feeling the last year of the North Node of the Moon in Leo come into focus. It is a culmination of an energetic wave of empowerment and activation of the true light of the true Self. Are you ready to shine?

Everything in the stars right now is showing us what is in the way of the creative expression of our most precious soul gifts. Play small no more, says the cosmos. For it is our individual light that leads the way to the collective New Age.

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 Some intense squares between planets are showing us where we are coming up against a wall. The wall is made of every lie we have ever told our self, or let someone else tell us. It’s a karmic purge, and its not pretty. But the bigger picture says its all okay, we are just creating a whole new way. We are being asked to trust in something higher, and perhaps, see that getting to that place, is the point of all this insanity.

Jupiter in trine to Neptune says, step back, and trust in something bigger for you, that some higher part of you is leading you through.

The Sun, Mercury Rx, the Moon, and Pallas Athene, asteroid Goddess of diplomacy, are all together in Leo for this most potent, albeit partial, Solar Eclipse. It is time to shine, but what is in the way? Each of these makes a pass into a Square with Jupiter in Scorpio, one of the few planets in direct motion. What is in the way of our ‘shining’, has been hidden in the shadows. Now, on it’s third pass over this territory, Jupiter wants to ‘light it up’. No more burying it away in a dark corner. And so sh$# is hitting the fan! 

Uranus and Mars, both in retrograde, are having their 2nd of 3rd square. We are trying to find a new way forward in the Aquarian Age, but for the time being, we are stuck. A whole bunch is happening, but with all this retrograde, it feels like things are standing still.

This Eclipse is a pin-hole portal, so narrow, that it causes you to leave behind everything you no longer need. Venus in square to Saturn is asking us if we can forgive and love ourselves enough, and care about ourselves enough, to trust in our true Self. To know that some higher part of our self knows what is going on, and is guiding us. We all want justice and harmony and beauty and fairness. But we have to start with our own self, first.

It’s an intense time, but things are quickly shifting. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it will soon pass to another experience. Observe, and allow, letting the water trine wash over you. It’s a karmic purge, but also a dynamic time of shifting and activation.

Step Through to the Real You.​​​​​​​..

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444 Aquarius Total Lunar Eclipse – The Holy Grail

holy grailThe Universe is speaking to us with this Total Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees 44 seconds Aquarius, conjunct retrograde Mars. The Moon, The Sun and the Earth line up with the Moon’s nodes for for Eclipses, and this time with Mars, too.

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The Moon’s nodes are about past and future, so Eclipses rule our relationship to time. And the light is shining on Aquarius. Mars is nearly half way through it’s retrograde cycle and just happens to be hanging on the South Node and the Moon for this Eclipse. Mars is our action planet, but it’s stuck in the past, like an eddy of repeating patterns. Can we change the direction of this vortex?

It’s an interesting time, like entering a portal. It feels like there is a big shift trying to happen, and yet we are suspended in time. We are being given a huge opportunity to examine, from above, like detached perspective of Aquarius, what, exactly, is keeping us in the repeating patterns of the past..

Used correctly, the energy of this Lunar Eclipse can catapult you, like instant wormhole travel through deep space, to a new and different reality. Eclipses always bring opportunities for new information and realizations. This is especially heightened in Aquarius, also helped by some powerful Uranus transits, the ruler of Aquarius.

It’s official, Uranus is in trine with Saturn. We will feel this influence throughout the rest of this retrograde and eclipse cycle, into October. Saturn is the manifest world and Uranus is the energetic world. Because these planets are in Earth signs, there is great opportunity for manifesting magic into 3d.

The Earth is feminine, receptive, and open. It is slow, rhythmic, and waits until the right time. This Earth trine sets us up to be a container to receive divine blessings, if we can allow ourselves to slow down and receive.

The Mars way, or male way, is to go out and make stuff happen. This Earth trine is coaching us on how to wait for the right time and allow energies to align, in order to co-create effortlessly with the Universe.

The Sun, Moon and Mars square up with Uranus for this eclipse. Unexpected, quick, and profound events and information are bound to be popping up. It’s a great time to re-valuate who you really are. Flashes of insight are incoming, and could radically change your perspective. You could wake up a different person after this Eclipse! Ground out, slow down, sit tight, and pay close attention. Anchor yourself on planet Earth, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Cancer Solar Eclipse – Holding Down the Fort

holding the earthWe are having a huge opportunity to make this world what we want it to be. Lightworkers, the time you came for is now. You are an important anchor of new energies. We must hold down the fort and claim our own reality of hope and a nurturing world.

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With the Sun and Moon opposing Pluto, for this Solar Eclipse, we are coming up against the hard truth about the structures that are no longer serving us. In fact, most systems in this world are part of a control paradigm and are in great dis-service  to the truth of humanity as compassionate beings. It is time to claim our true spiritual freedom and autonomy.

This is why the world ‘appears’ to be in shambles. The old has to be broken down, dismantled and discarded, in order for a new paradigm to emerge. We are really feeling this as we approach the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12th. All structures of our lives, individual and collective, are up for review.

Jupiter in Scorpio turning direct on the 10th will bring light to the shadows. Shit is really weird and crazy, but if you stop and pay attention you will see that hidden agendas are being revealed, and the truth is shining through.

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Capricorn Full Moon – The Grand Play

full-moon-capricornThis Full Moon is happening right next to Saturn in Capricorn, across the zodiac from the Sun in Cancer. This is bringing to light the upcoming astrology of 2020 when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn.

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We are looking at issues around our spiritual sovereignty and how to create a fair and equitable world. 2020 is the changing of the guard, when we have a huge opportunity to take back our planet and create the world we want.

This Full Moon is urging us to examine where we have given our power away, so we can claim our own spiritual autonomy. Saturn shows us what is in the way of fair, cosmic laws working in our life, and what is in the way of our true path. 2020 is when humanity’s hard work over many evolutions can begin to pay off. This Full Moon is a glimpse into the roles we each may play in this grand play that is the spiritual evolution of life on planet Earth.
But Mars turning retrograde is asking us, do we know, for sure, if we are heading in the right direction? This can bring some feelings of frustration. Is all of our hard work and focused energy for nothing? It is an ego death of grand proportions. It is only a false sense of ourselves that we are losing, built on conditioning and programming. We cling to what we know. We are removing layers of false identity that are no longer serving. There could bring feelings of being lost and confused, but this is a good thing! We are dropping baggage that has been weighing us down, so we can see who we really are, and move forward, on our true path, in the most effective way. 

Venus in Leo makes a square with Jupiter in Scorpio, leading up to this Full Moon. The shadows we carry in our subconscious are keeping us from shining our light. There is great energy for these hidden mysteries to be revealed, healed and released, as Jupiter begins to station direct in early July.

Mercury is bringing information about what needs to change in the structures of our life, as it opposes Pluto before this Full Moon, and then squares Uranus after. The energy can feel suspended, as Mars turns retrograde,. But really there is a TON happening behind the scenes, in our psyche, and in the collective subconscious. 

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Gemini New Moon – Shifting Perspectives

gemini new moonThis is a powerful New Moon of shifting perspectives, with the Sun, Moon, and Mercury, at home, in Gemini.

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Mars the Warrior is hanging out with the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius and in opposition to the North Node of the Moon in Leo. What is it going to take to move forward and get some stuff done in this reality? Venus says it’s gonna take a radical change in our value system. Venus opposed Pluto just before this New Moon. And, after this New Moon, comes into a square with Uranus, activating this powerful and dramatic time of generational change.

We are being helped by a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, and Asteroid Goddess Pallas Athene in Cancer. There are diplomatic, compassionate solutions that can help us move forward in a new way. But all things positive and progressive right now, demand a shift in perspective. This New Moon in Gemini can help us see all sides of the story and find balance and flexibility in how we see things. We can stop, reset, and gently float into the dramatically new and different future that lies ahead.

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Summer 2018 Astrology – Inner Revolution

inner revolution heartThis Summer has quite interesting Astrology. There are three Eclipses, and both Mars and Mercury take a retrograde. This will be a very inwardly active time, but not a great time to make big leaps forward in the outside world. The energy for big changes, starting new projects or business ventures, will be much better come Fall.

The Eclipses happen in alignment with the Nodes of the Moon, representing the path forward, and what is pulling at us from behind. We are entering into the last few months of the North Node in Sunny Leo. It’s time to shine, creatively activate, and reclaim the joyful life we were meant to lead.

Summer 2018 is a time for ‘inner re-arranging’. It’s best to know where you are going before you set out on a journey, and that’s what these next couple of months are for. 2018 is a year of adjustment and this Summer is where we can really turn the inner dial. It’s time to begin creating a life that better fits who we are. Allowing for inner harmonization and preparation this summer, will make  for a dynamic and exciting Autumn.

Mars is our main action planet, and when he retrogrades, you feel it. This happens every two years. This puts the stage of life into our inner being. In Aquarius, we are re-imagining life on planet Earth, we are reaching out and meeting our soul team and building community. We are making friends with technology, allowing it to work for us, instead of against. Mars triggering the Moon’s Nodes says it is time to get on our true path, like for real this time. 

There is a good chance that by this Fall you will have a much better sense of where you are heading and how to get there, than you have had in the past few years, or maybe even this lifetime. We are adjusting and creating the new, and that starts within.

Make the most of this inner journey this Summer. Be ready to leap ahead and create the life you really want as the powerful Fall 2018 energies kick into gear.summer float

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Summer 2018 Monthly Overviews

June=> Mars retrograde begins. What internal action needs to be taken for you to best move into this New Age?

July=> This month we examine how to shine, to bring forward our gifts, and to receive back from the Universe. Here we get to practice being who we really are, as a basis for growing an abundant life.

August=> We are re-thinking our path, based on new perspective. What you wanted before isn’t working now. What do you really want to express in this life? This is the path to re-claiming real joy and a passionate, ecstatic existence

Summer Astrology Timeline

May 13/14 – Mars enters Rx shadow

May 15 – New Moon in Taurus, Uranus enters Taurus

May 16 – Mars enters Aquarius

May 29 – Full Moon in Sagittarius

June 13 – New Moon in Gemini

June 26 – Mars stations retrograde in Aquarius

June 28 – Full Moon in Capricorn

July 7 – Grand Earth Trine (Ceres, Saturn and Uranus, feeling from 6/19-7/28)

July 8 – Mercury enters Rx shadow

July 12 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

July 26 – Mercury stations Retrograde in Leo

July 27 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (total) in Aquarius

August 11 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

August 13 – Mars in retrogrades back into Capricorn

August 19 – Mercury stations direct

August 26 – Full Moon in Pisces

August 27 – Mars stations direct

September 2 – Mercury comes out of Rx shadow

September 9 – New Moon in Virgo

September 10 – Mars returns to Aquarius

October 8/9 – Mars comes out of Rx shadow



Sagittarius Full Moon – Not How You Thought It Would Be

sagittarius full moon bridgeThis Full Moon in Sagittarius makes a harmonious triangle with the North Node of the Moon in Leo. This is a great opportunity for a timeline reset and to leap onto your true path.

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Optimistic, confident Sagittarius wants to shoot off into the distance. The North Node of the Moon is showing us the way forward. In Leo, we are making progress by being willing to shine, lead, and claim joy. Fiery Sagittarius can groove with that.

New understanding of this big leap is on the way as Mercury moves home to Gemini, joining the Sun. Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable, adjustable signs. This is a good time for discussion, communication and change of perspective. The way forward may not be anything like what you thought it would be, but still we are being pushed.

Mars in Aquarius has already slowed down preparing to station retrograde on June 26th. Mars is hanging out with the South Node of the Moon, representing our past path. Uranus in Taurus is beginning to shake up the way things have always been done. We have got to let go of the our past conditioning and attachments, in order to be able to conceive the future. Luckily, Jupiter in Scorpio is still in trine with dreamy Neptune, harmonizing the letting go.



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