New Moon in Virgo – Virgin ReBirth


We are still reeling from the Eclipse energies, but this Virgo Full Moon can help us ground out and get perspective. Mercury, Virgo’s ruler is coming out of it’s retrograde shadow and sits directly opposite Neptune in Pisces. We are being forced to re-evaluate and reconcile our dreams/visions/delusions with our everyday reality.

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Venus is hanging out on the Eclipse point, bringing the issues of the Eclipse home. What do you really care about and what needs to be released from your life?

Relationships with self and other are highlighted with Jupiter in accommodating Libra, opposing Uranus the game-changer in ‘my way or the highway’ Aries. How do we move forward and expand in relationships while still being true to our own needs?

It feels like the wildfire smoke is clearing from this fiery activating year of 2017. We have stepped through the ring of fire. But now we can feel the seasons begin to change. It’s a time to be mutable, clean up, digest, and allow for adjustment to the potent transformational energies of the last 6 weeks. Clarity and direction are on the way.

We are in a time of re-orientation, which is necessary before we can leap ahead. We have all been energetically adjusted. We need to figure out where we are headed, by finding a fresh way of looking at where we have been. There is a huge opportunity for a fresh new start, a virgin re-birth, with the Sun and the Moon together opposing Chiron, the wounded healer.

Mercury direct, coming out of retrograde shadow, opposing Neptune is like the smoke clearing. Expect a fresh new perspective. Use this Virgo energy to ground out and get organized. Virgo rules digestion. Heal, and clear, and assimilate. We are calibrating to a new way ahead.

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