New Moon in Scorpio – Darkest Dark, Lightest Light



New Moon in Scorpio Activation! Join me for a LIVE Video Webinar and Guided Meditation to celebrate this powerful New Moon in Scorpio, Friday, Nov. 17th, 2pm MST. Sign up here!

This New Moon happens early Sat. morning, Nov. 18th. Four planets are in Scorpio and Scorpio’s planetary rulers, Mars and Pluto, are in square to each other. There is tension around cleaning up our shadowy mess, in our collective consciousness, as well as personal subconscious.

Pluto in Capricorn says it’s time to breakdown the corrupt power systems of the world, and within. Mars in Libra says, can we do it without violence? We are looking for diplomatic solutions for the mop up.

The purge is happening and preparing us for the massive influx of light that is coming in through this Gateway of Universal Love that started on 11:11, Nov. 11th, 2017, and continues through this New

Saturn, coming up on the Galactic Center of destiny, is in trine to Uranus, the awakener. We are having a window of Cosmic Love, plus profound radical shifts of understanding, that can help us move to the next place.

Humanity, it is our destiny to spiritually evolve, but powerful forces have been working against it. We have to clean up the lies hidden in the shadows before we can take another step into the light.

Jupiter, the expander, is bringing light to the underworld and it feels uncomfortable, but also a relief, to bring how we really feel, and secrets that are messing with us, into the light of day.

Jupiter and Venus come together and both make a trine to Neptune in Pisces, opening this Gateway of Universal Love. Release the illusion of separation and open to the connectedness of the light.

Lightworkers all over the planet are activating and beginning to find each other. It is an exciting time, if you can get comfortable in this shedding of skin process, that is happening with all this Scorpio energy.

See you this Friday, November 17 at 2pm MST!!!

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