New Moon in Cancer: Emotional Intelligence


This New Moon in Cancer is a great time to nurture ourselves into a new emotional intelligence.

The Sun and Mercury, the messenger, move together into receptive Cancer on June 20th/21st. This is a time for reflection and assimilation. With all these planets in nurturing Cancer (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars), this is a great time to turn the corner on self respect, inviting new systems of self-care.

The North Node in Leo for the next year and a half is asking us to stand up and shine. But how can we do that while we refuse to honor and support our inner being on a fundamental level? How can we expect the world to receive our light and gifts if we can’t value and nurture them within our own self? This New Moon is a great opportunity to enact ‘radical self-care’.

At the time of this New Moon, Venus is making a harmonious trine with Pluto saying that the way forward, away from the toxic structures of our past, and into new and better relationships and situations, can be harmonious and sweet. Venus at home in Taurus wants us to commit to honoring what really matters. There is great support for expressing, with the right words, this new emotional intelligence. It’s a time for harmonious change based on our new value system.

We need to nurture and nourish ourselves now, in order to prepare for the intense growth that is coming in July and August. Tune in to this Live Activation to reset your emotional intelligence and self-care practices. When commit to this path, we bring these new realities to the light of day and become a dynamic part of the exciting changes coming to our planet.

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