NEW CHAPTER! Total Lunar Eclipse – January 31st, 2018

doorway new chapterJoin me for a very special event to prepare and make the most of this Total Lunar Eclipse!
Group Activation/Intuitive Healing/Q&A Session $20, happening this Sunday, Jan. 28th at 12 noon MST. **Participants will be limited so we can create a sacred container**
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This is a potent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo happening 6:27am Wed. Jan. 31, 2018. This is a culmination and completion of the energy of the powerful Total Solar Eclipse that happened in August 2017. The Moon in Leo is opposite the Sun and Venus in Aquarius and lining up with the Moon’s nodes.

The moon’s nodes, that delineate Eclipses, speak of past and future karma. We are being faced with the truth of what from the past has been holding us back from the future.

This Leo energy is asking us to shine our light and open our heart to possibility. We are trying to move into the Golden Age that is the Age of Aquarius, but in order to do that we have to face our past where we lost our individual power to technological control mechanisms. The North Node in Leo is saying that the way forward into the New Age is through individual empowerment, creative expression and spiritual autonomy. We are claiming our right to be free thinking, individual, empowered, living beings, rather than robots performing the agenda of the system.

The Moon is very close to Ceres, asteroid of nurturing, sustenance, and the seasons representing the release of grief and sorrow and surrendering to renewal. This is a powerful gateway, death/re-birth, energy leading up to the partial solar eclipse on Feb. 15th, which marks the shift into the Chinese New Year.ceres

This Group Intuitive Session and Q&A will begin with a short channeled lecture about current energies on the planet and how they may be effecting individuals and the group. Adrienne will tune into the energy of the group, exploring shared past-life pictures and karmic connections, bringing forward useful messages. This invites the group into clarity and harmony, for a soul uplifting experience.

This will be followed by a Question and Answer session where you can bring forward your individual issues and concerns into the light of channeled guidance. This is a great way for the group bond and to receive helpful information and clearings. The event will end with a short guided meditation based on the concepts and information that came forward during the event. Tuning in to the shared energies of the group, allows for healing and spirit connection to be offered to the wider community and collective consciousness.

**REPLAY will not be posted publicly** REPLAY is available to all participants for continued viewing or if you can’t make the live Session.

New Year Special!! 50% off Single Coaching Session(regular price $125 – half off = $63!)

Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher in Missoula, Montana. She offers guidance and Intuitive Counseling for people all over the country. She has developed an Intuitive Training online program. Adrienne has over four years of education with Intuitive Way of CA and MT Center for Psychic Studies. Adrienne is also a Waldorf Trained Teacher and Classical Homeopath. She has dedicated her life to helping harmonize the process of spiritual awakening, as reflected in her healing business, Empowerment Coaching.

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