Mercury Retrograde November 2019 – Into the Tunnel

water tunnel vortexMercury takes an intense and meaningful retrograde in Scorpio Nov. 1-Nov. 20. It’s a powerful pause before we move headlong into the 2020 Astrology.

In mysterious Scorpio, this feels like we are stepping out of time. But maybe that is what we need to do to cleanse, heal and recalibrate before the big year ahead.

Mercury starts this retrograde in conjunction with Venus, saying that this deep dive is about cleaning up our relationship to the feminine. Mercury is trying to make sense of, and bring completion to, the incredibly potent Venus retrograde in Scorpio that happened last year at this time.

Mercury makes three sweet trines with Neptune in this retrograde cycle, bringing harmonious support for our inner process. A sense of connection to something greater is necessary for what lies ahead. It’s time to go within and connect up with our spiritual power. The current energy is great for meditation and visualization, the perfect time to re-commit to your spiritual emotional self-care practices. The universe is telling us that our spiritual well-being and self-care is the most important thing in preparing for the year ahead.

During this retrograde, we will be feeling the third and final 2019 transit of Saturn in sextile with Saturn, bringing helpful solutions and supportive energies to our spiritual transformation.
Just after this retrograde, when Mercury is still in it’s shadow, Venus comes together with Jupiter for an epic display of destiny as they cross over the Galactic Center. The divine feminine is returning and she is ready to run with her new found empowerment.

The third and final Mercury trine Neptune transit happens on Thanksgiving day. A big message for what this time is about. It’s time to hunker down, gather our resources, and appreciate all we have as we fortify for the 2020 storm ahead.

Mercury turns direct in as it comes into trine with the North Node of the Moon, pointing us towards the future. Perhaps it could be more harmonious than we can imagine, once we get through the intensity. It’s a time to go within and activate our dreams and visions, because the time to move ahead, with leaps and bounds, will soon be arriving.

Mercury comes out of it’s retrograde shadow on Dec. 8th, after which we should have greater clarity and focus as we ride out the end of the intense year of 2019 and prepare for what’s coming in 2020.

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