Libra New Moon – Radical Shift in Perspective

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Another potent New Moon. Venus joins the Sun in Libra which kind of of lightens the energy, as the Goddess loves to be home in her own sign. That’s good because she can help harmonize Mars who is still in Virgo, opposing Chiron. There is tension around the wounded masculine in all of us. How can we move forward without force? Mars is a ruler of Scorpio, highlighted as Jupiter has moved into Scorpio on October 10th, bringing a huge shift in energy.

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A stellium of planets are like the entourage, following king Jupiter’s path from Libra to Scorpio. That means all of these planets, Mercury, the Moon and then the Sun, visit the opposition to Uranus, before crossing over Jupiter. This Jupiter opposing Uranus has been a big part of the wacky energy of 2017. hubble-nasa-space-1215743-o
Mercury wants us to tune in and understand. And Jupiter in Scorpio is sure to reveal the shadowy parts of life. The end of October is particularly spooky and confusing this year, with the Sun coming up to Jupiter on the 26th, amplifying the Scorpio energy. Mercury trines Neptune in Pisces while Saturn will be in exact square to Chiron in Pisces.

With such an activation of Uranus, so many Mercury aspects, Jupiter in Scorpio, and all this Pisces energy, we are sure to get a radical perspective change by the end of October.

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