Libra New Moon – A Time for Integration – October 8, 2018

libra2Just after this New Moon in Libra, the Moon, and then the Sun, come into a square with Pluto. Pluto has recently turned direct. We are looking at the structures of our lives that are no longer working. The very fabric of our reality is shifting.

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Venus, turning retrograde on Friday, October 5th, is allowing us to re-evaluate our life according to our deepest desires and truths. With Venus retrograding back into Libra, it will be relationships that give us the biggest opportunity to see what is hidden in the depth of our psyche, that may need to be revealed.

Near this Full Moon, Venus comes into it’s 4th square with Mars of 2018. The part of our selves that want one thing are wrestling with the part of our selves that wants something else. If you pay attention, this time can be a great time of healing and integration of our deepest inner selves.

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