Libra Full Moon – Restructuring Reality

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This Full Moon in Libra happening at 6:36am MST on March 31st, is incredibly powerful. The Sun and the moon are making a T-Square with Saturn and Mars in Capricorn. We are revisiting the Pluto-Uranus Square that has dominated the astrology for the last six years. It is a revolution in the structures of our lives. Mars and Saturn in Capricorn are speaking to what is in the way to these structural changes.

Mercury is a third of the way through it’s retrograde, giving us an opportunity to assimilate the changes we have gone through and figure out who we really are, on this new path.

We can’t rebuild our life until we face the shadow, but Jupiter’s sextile with Pluto is offering creative solutions. This Full Moon puts the Sun and Mercury across from the Moon in Libra. We want to reclaim our power, our passion, and allow ourselves to shine. But there is also a desire for balance, justice, and harmony in our relationships.

Mercury and the Sun trine the North Node, Mercury before and the Sun after, sandwiching this Full Moon. With this Aries influence combined with Leo energy, the Universe is lining up, helping us remember how to shine, to really live, to have passion.

But in order to claim our right to thrive, we must be willing to face the shadows and let go of old structures that are no longer serving.

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