Libra Full Moon #2 – Reaching for Balance – April 19, 2019

libra goddessThis is the second Full Moon in Libra. We are getting some big messages about finding balance and justice. Maintaining equilibrium is crucial with the big energy shifts that are happening on the planet.

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Mercury comes out of retrograde shadow and moves into Aries on the 17th. Venus exits Pisces to join him in Aries on April 20th. This is the same day that Mercury comes up on Chiron in Aries. We are finally, actually, for real this time, moving into the new energies. Inner balance can go a long way in harmonizing this shift.

Venus is in square to Jupiter leading up to this Full Moon. We want our dreams, but we don’t feel worthy. Past programming is keeping us feeling down about our selves. Venus leaving Pisces and moving into Aries can bring a huge shift into self-empowerment.

With Mercury coming up on Chiron, it is also a time for a fresh new perspective on our woundedness. The messenger has spent the last six weeks wallowing in Pisces, trying to help us understand and release the chains of the past. What if the wounds can heal so well, that you are better than before? First, they must be thoroughly cleaned out. This is what this last year has been all about.

Saturn and Pluto are heading into their closest alignment of the year. We are feeling the heat on what needs to change for us to move forward. 2020 is a profound marker of dramatic change. We are in preparation.

Saturn and Pluto are both close to the South Node in Capricorn, living in the past. We have got to figure out the truth of where we came from and what has happened to us, before we can move into the new.

The Sun is comes up on a conjunction with Uranus just after this Full Moon. It’s time to re-set our electromagnetic field and invite a wider perspective as we move closer into the Aquarian Age. In Taurus, Uranus says the Earth is getting an upgrade, along with us. It’s a great time to tune in and allow an energetic re-set, to bring balance into our lives as we shift into the next chapter.

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