Leo Full Moon Eclipse: Manifesting Magic

leo lionThis Full Moon in Leo is a partial Lunar Eclipse, the first eclipse reflecting the North Node’s shift in to Leo in May. Leo is about expression, creativity, and play. This Full Moon is harmoniously aspected, making sacred geometry in the sky. It is a great opportunity to get on track with the you that you have always wanted to express, but haven’t yet been able to.

2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster, which is also all about expression. He is loud and obnoxious and doesn’t care what other people think. The Rooster is willing to put himself out there, but also deeply protective of his flock. His job is to wake everyone up and let them know they are safe.


This is a great metaphor for this Full Moon. We are all waking up with this powerful Jupiter Uranus opposition. Jupiter brings growth and expansion and Uranus is the awakening…so we are getting the wake up call. The Leo energy of 2017 is inviting us to finally express all that has been happening within from this powerful astrology of the last 5 years. It’s time to be true to the truth of who we are, which we are only beginning to discover. The revolution of our time is through individual empowerment and Leo and all the fire energy is asking us to be fearless in moving forward with expressing this new identity, which also brings a gift of service to the greater whole.

There is a Grand Fire Trine happening between this Leo Full Moon, Uranus in Aries, and Saturn in Sagittarius. It is time to get activated in this individual revolution and make real these changes in our world. Although out of exact square, Pluto and Uranus are the closest to that square as they will be in 2017. Jupiter, having turned retrograde on February 7th, represents a cycle of continual activation of these planets over the whole of 2017.

Jupiter retrograde in Libra is asking us to rethink the building of relationships we have been doing. It brings a healing energy to our ability to communicate our truth with others, in a non-threatening way. Mars and Venus are both in Aries maxing out the fire energy and bringing pent up emotions to the surface. These main personal planets in Aries are calling for re-birth in the archetypes of male and female, as well as in our personal relationships where these things play out.loving couple

Saturn trining Uranus and Jupiter trining the Sun, says we can do all this awakening in a harmonized way. We can work it out. Yes we are transforming and the old is falling a way, but there is support for the process. Especially if we are ready to honor ourselves and communicate effectively.

Tap into the powerful energy of this Full Moon Eclipse in Leo to get yourself on track with the life and truth you really want to express. It’s time to get out of the box, represented by a mystical rectangle being created by the Moon/Sun and Jupiter/Uranus oppositions together. The Fire Trine makes this shape into a star, which says the time is right to manifest your gifts and shine your light.set your imagination free

The Full Moon happens at 22 degrees Leo, the master builder number. It’s time to build a new world based on the new truth of who we really are. It is time to shine your light, and heal together through relationships that can support that. Together we can uncover our greatest truths and gifts from under the rubble of the past age and step out of the programming and conditioning that has been keeping us playing small.merkaba light body

Uranus and Jupiter so harmoniously activated invite unexpected magic and synchronicities that can quickly move us along this fearless path of Activation. I hope you can join me to tap into the magic of this Full Moon!


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