Leadership and Abundance

Leadership and Abundance Training (1)

What is keeping you from living your most amazing life?sun-lightLEADERSHIP AND ABUNDANCE TRAINING

8-Pillar, 8-week Class Series

Live Class starts May 30th

Tuesdays 6pm MST

Click here to sign up for LEADERSHIP AND ABUNDANCE TRAINING 8-Class Series  –  $150

Replays instantly available for continued watching, or if you can’t make the live class.

A new paradigm is birthing on planet Earth. It’s called True Abundance. True Abundance is accessing our own unique talents and skills. Being all we can be.

new-heaven-earthThis new world calls for a different kind of leader. Those that are passionate, empathic, compassionate, and willing to stand up for True Abundance.sun soul

There is a bright light that shines inside all of us. By birthright, as members of the cosmos, we have, access to that same source of energy that creates worlds. But we have been taught to fear this energy. Or that this energy is not ours to have, when in fact it is a simple truth of being a spiritual being in a human experience. We all have access to all that we came from.hubble-torroidial-field

The universe is ever-expanding. And just like the universe, our light and gifts also continue to grow. Expanding and expressing our unique gifts is the healing and the magic of the world. And yet we have been taught to hide our light and play small. Programmed against it, we refuse to shine.personal power

What would our world look like if more of us were claiming our full potential?

Our inner gifts, what we brought with us, what we came here to do and express, that is the currency of the new age. And more is more.

What happens when we demonstrate what’s possible? What happens when we lift each other up? soul team

May 2017 the North Node of the Moon, associated with future karma, moves into the sign of Leo. The way forward is through the creative expression of our inner gifts.North Node of the Moon enters Leao (1)

LEADERSHIP AND ABUNDANCE TRAINING is a systematic review of whatever may be holding you back from expressing your light and living your most amazing life.

We will review the issues associated with each major chakra, including clearing, healing, activation and chakra integration.

We will explore techniques in holding energetic space and opening to intuitive inspiration.Leadership and Abundance Training (1)

Most of us keep our light hidden and suppressed. We have been trained to hold back in order to conform to expectations of society. 

But some of us have decided that it is time to thrive. And nothing will hold us back from a life of true purpose.

 Learn what is in the way of accessing your spiritual power, your light and gifts. Bring yourself into permission to access this energy in your own unique and beautiful way.

What is hidden inside of you is a gift to the world. And you can no longer hold back. The healing of this world is the expression of true abundance by each of us individually.

The world needs you now. To activate your energy-light-body and grab a hold of your potential. 

Claiming your personal power and spiritual light can’t help but be a powerful force in inspiring others to also express their gifts. We are all unique and amazing. 

It’s time to celebrate and express the divinity that is humanity, and spread the word in order to inspire others, to also truly live. 

A new paradigm is being born.

Are you called to be a leader in the new age? Do you want to let your light shine and be the living proof of the abundant love of the Universe?

This is true abundancemerkaba light body

Click here to sign up for LEADERSHIP AND ABUNDANCE TRAINING 8-Class Series  –  $150 – starts May 30th!

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