10-week Teleseminar Series

Begins Wednesday, November 12th, 7pm Mountain Time

Do you feel like the time is NOW?

Do you know deep inside that you are here on the Earth at this time for a very important reason?

Many are feeling this way, but have no idea what their true gifts are, much less, what it might look like to bring them forward.

Some do have an idea, but have been wrestling with inner core subconscious blocks.

This class is about recognizing and bringing forward your own unique set of gifts, and opening to understanding of how they may be packaged in a real way...

a way that you can make a living as well as be a great service to humanity in this powerful time of spiritual transition.

$150 ~ 10 Sessions


$20 Single Session

Register here with payment to receive dial-in/web info via email. Sessions will be available for replay if you cannot make the live class, and for continued listening.

FREE One Hour Class to learn more about the series!

Wed. November 5th, 7pm MST

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#1~Landing Home

This class is about preparing the ground work to invite more of your light home to your body by learning to connect and work with Mother Earth. It is an opportunity to clear subconscious primal biological fears that may stand in the way of receiving the support of the universe in your manifesting. We will open to connecting with guidance in a whole new way.

Downloadable mp3 of 'Landing Your Soul Purpose' Session 1 ~ $20

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#2~Landing Your Visions

When we open to co-creating with universal energies and guidance, we call forward real time knowledge and experiences of our gifts. Exploring past life memories that may give clues to your life path and clear what might stand in the way of your remembering who you really are.

Downloadable mp3 of 'Landing Your Soul Purpose' Session 2 ~ $20

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#3~Reclaiming Your Power

This class is an opportunity to go deeper into seeing where you have given your power away in this and other lives. It is time to take it back, this class is about helping you grow your courage to live your truth. We will illuminate and clear any fears of failure as well as fears of success as a way to set the stage for better receiving your gifts.

Downloadable mp3 of 'Landing Your Soul Purpose' Session 3 ~ $20

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#4~The Dreams of Your Heart

Releasing the pain you may be carrying for others as well as the karma behind the reason why can be a powerful way to get in touch with the intelligence of your heart. Investigate the heart as a portal and tool to research and gain support in the packaging of your gifts and manifestation of your dreams.

Downloadable mp3 of 'Landing Your Soul Purpose' Session 4 ~ $20

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#5~True Duty:The Courage to Be You

This session is an opportunity to release energies of responsibility and judgement that keep you from expressing the truth of who you are, which is your gift to the world. Reconcile duty vs. passion as you come into an increased sense of deserving a fulfilling life.

Downloadable mp3 of 'Landing Your Soul Purpose' Session 5 ~ $20

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#6~Joining Head and Heart: Higher Center Activation

Reprogramming the intellect to be congruent with the truth of your heart can be a powerful tool to better understand the role of what you bring to the world at this time. You are the only one who can do it just your way. Let yourself be creatively redifined as you welcome forward your unique gifts. Open to unexpected and unknown hidden gifts, talents and desires.

Downloadable mp3 of 'Landing Your Soul Purpose' Session 6 ~ $20

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#7~Receiving the Gift of You

Activating the crown and higher chakras to prepare you to receive and incarnate more of your light. Learn tips and tools to help manage the attention and reaction that comes with an activated crown.

Downloadable mp3 of 'Landing Your Soul Purpose' Session 7 ~ $20

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#8~Gathering Tools and Teams

Class #8 is about really moving into being a living manifestation of your gifts, dreams, and visions. Learn to massively receive and rest in the support that is available to you by consciously deepening your connection with your highest guidence. This prepares you to step fully into your destiny, while attracting everyone and everything you need to manifest dreams greater than you can imagine.

Downloadable mp3 of 'Landing Your Soul Purpose' Session 8 ~ $20

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#9~From Vision to Manifest

Engaging Quantum Sciences as incredible tools for manifesting. We will examine further how to bring your spiritual gifts and visions into practical form. Begin to see how to package your gifts to bring them forward in a creative and fun way, as well as be able to pay the rent with them.

Downloadable mp3 of 'Landing Your Soul Purpose' Session 9 ~ $20

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#10~You as a Whole Package

The final session is about integration of all work of the class and coming to a very clear image of how to move forward. This is a full activation preparing you to feel whole and complete and ready to move forward in a big way.

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The Complete Series!! Downloadable mp3s of All Ten Sessions ~ $125

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Begins Wednesday, November 12th, 7pm Mountain Time

$150 ~ 10 Sessions

Do you feel like the time is NOW?

Adrienne Elise PDHom is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher. She is a Trained Waldorf Teacher and Classical Homeopath. She has completed Kenji Kumara's Quantum Lightweaving Master Series I. Adrienne has developed a three semester Intuitive Training Program (intuitiveempowerment.com/classes) Adrienne is available for individual Intuitive Reading and Healing Sessions(intuitiveempowerment.com/readings)

for more information ~ adrienne@adrienneelise.com