Intuitive Healing Sessions

“Thank you for the wonderful session. Afterwards I felt that a huge oppressive weight was lifted. I no longer feel as responsible for others and am able to have a clear conscience in focusing on my own higher needs. So much of what you spoke about was exactly how I was feeling. Now I have a better perspective and the beginning of a sense of more freedom to do my life…”  E. B., Boston, MA


What is holding you back from the life you really want to live? An Intuitive Healing Sessions can help you find the information you need to move forward and shift your life.

It’s time for an Intuitive Healing Session whenever we feel like we need to see into the unseen…and find the hidden forces at work in our lives.

Deep in our subconscious, we find the things that drive us, karmic contracts with ourselves, our family, our friends and loved ones that often keep us re-creating similar cycles of pain and suffering.

Make your life your own by removing hereditary, societal, and collective programming that may be keeping you from actualizing your Truth.

Get the answers, energetic resets, and clearings you need as just the right past life pictures are plucked from the Akashic records, delivered with crystal clarity, providing an opportunity to completely shift your life.

Free yourself by understanding the true motivating forces behind the events in your life…hubble-torroidial-field

Intuitive Healing Sessions can include:

Past-life Readings
-clearing individual and group karmic contracts
-discovering life path and unique gifts
-next-steps and carreer path
-timeline reset
-soul retrieval

Ancestral Healing
-clearing bloodline contracts
-clearing ancestral belief patterns
-bloodline/ancestral healing
-DNA distortion repair
-activation of DNA light codes

Aura Healing
-chakra reset and activation
-entity removal
-removal of implants and foreign devices
-insights into physical health and indications for healing

-connecting to healing guides and higher self
-connection to those who have passed
-soul group healingsirius_a_and_b_hubble_photo

….shift your life and stop playing small…… see the truth of who you really are…..and who you have come here to be……….come into closer connection with your higher guiding forces….merkaba

Contact Adrienne to set up your personal Intuitive Healing Session over phone or skype (1 hr to 1.5 hrs)…

Intuitive Healing Session with Adrienne Elise – $295 

Adrienne Elise has been a professional psychic for over 10 years, having completed four years of formal Psychic Training with MT Center for Psychic Studies and Intuitive Way. She is a Classical Homeopath with an advanced Practitioner Diploma from the School of Homeopathy. She is also a Waldorf Trained Teacher and student of Rudolf Steiner. Adrienne has completed Kenji Kumara’s Quantum Lightweaving Master Series I. Adrienne is passionate about sharing her gifts of intuitive awareness, research, and understanding to invite harmonious spiritual growth for those on the path of Awakening and Ascension.10387017_604528189668530_4090204546196969986_o

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