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astrologyIntuitive Astrology Readings

‘Unveiling the Mysteries of You’

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“The solar system is a cycle of experiences for the soul…There is something wrong with our notion of Astrology. It does not affect us as we think it does. We leave out a factor that is very important…Reincarnation…Nothing you have ever learned is lost to the subconscious. What you learned as wisdom (in past lives) is always available within you.” -Edgar Cayce

Intuitive Astrology can help you identify past life stories and patterns that have set the course, what you would like to overcome, in this lifetime.

Intuitive Astrology sheds light on the gifts and skills you came in with in this lifetime, and what may be holding you back from accessing them.

Intuitive Astrology supports you in moving forward, in stepping on your true path.astrology zodiac

Your Birth Chart is a map of your entry into this world. It speaks of your hopes, dreams and aspirations for this lifetime. What experiences and unhealed issues from your past are keeping you from the life you are meant to live?

Intuitive Astrology is a 2 hour personal consultation, a comprehensive look at your Birth Chart and current Astrological transits, in reference to past lives, soul gifts and current aspirations.lunar mansions astrology

Intuitive Astrology Reading – $295

Use payment button, or contact Adrienne directly to set up your session:

Intuitive Astrology Readings with Adrienne Elise – Get a sense of who you really are…and what you really came here to do.

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