Happy New Year! Full Moon in Cancer January 1 – A Nurturing Start to a New Year

winter wallpaperThis New Year starts off with a powerful message about nurturing with a Full Moon in Cancer, opposing the Sun and Venus in Capricorn. The Sun and Venus together are saying it is time to get real about the life we really want. Are we on that path or have we been scared of it? Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn make this New Year a time for grounding out and facing reality. We are coming in for a landing.

Mars and Jupiter conjuncting in Scorpio are bringing powerful emotions to the surface and exposing what we can no longer hide from in our life. These planets square up with the Nodes of the Moon telling us these times are about examining what is in the way of moving into the future.mountain-goat-9

Speaking of future, Uranus turns direct just two days after this Full Moon. With all this Scorpio intensity and Capricorn seriousness, it is a great time to get moving, in real practical terms, on creating that life we want. Venus and the Sun and Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio are sure to help us delve beneath the shadows and dredge up the truth of who we are and what we want to be.

Mercury is moving forward, but will not come out of it’s retrograde shadow until January 11th. This Full Moon and the 2nd Full Moon in January 2018 (a lunar eclipse) are at 11 degrees. 2-0-1-8 in numerology adds up to 11. It is a year of gateways, balancing, transformation and Earth awakening. We are really feeling this as Mercury comes into a helpful trine with Uranus the awakener after this Full Moon. This will begin the forward motion and clarity flooding in around what the last few years have been about.

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