Happy (holy moly!) Solstice

winter-wallpaper-20HAPPY (holy moly!) SOLSTICE!! – This is a special day as the longest night in the northern hemisphere, longest day in the southern hemisphere. This Solstice is particularly potent with the Sun in an exact conjunction with Saturn at 0 degrees Capricorn, close to the Galactic Center. A new era is beginning….right now.

Mercury turns direct on 12/22 and we will begin to move forward again after this strange December portal, along with the return of the light. Look for expanded clarity on our bigger cosmic destiny as Mercury makes its third pass over the Galactic Center on January 8/9 and moves out of its retrograde shadow, into new territory, on January 11th.

The Sun and Saturn together is bringing to light the karmic challenges we have been facing over many lifetimes. These are blooming and emotions are running high with Mars in Scorpio with Jupiter, putting a spotlight on our inner shadow and firing up our emotions.

Go gentle and slow, all of us are feeling incredibly vulnerable, our thick skin of delusion and repression is being removed. The need for healing and release is hitting a critical mass. Venus is in a tense square with Chiron the wounded healer. We want to enjoy the beauty and love of the season but our wounds are getting in the way.winter park bench

Saturn being ushered home to Capricorn by the Sun. And with all this Scorpio energy, its time to get real, and get clear, on what’s been holding us back for lifetimes. All of it is up for review, and in our face. Have compassion for others as we all break down our barriers of bullshit, and expose our inner lies, during this most potent time.

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