Gemini New Moon – Shifting Perspectives

gemini new moonThis is a powerful New Moon of shifting perspectives, with the Sun, Moon, and Mercury, at home, in Gemini.

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Mars the Warrior is hanging out with the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius and in opposition to the North Node of the Moon in Leo. What is it going to take to move forward and get some stuff done in this reality? Venus says it’s gonna take a radical change in our value system. Venus opposed Pluto just before this New Moon. And, after this New Moon, comes into a square with Uranus, activating this powerful and dramatic time of generational change.

We are being helped by a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, and Asteroid Goddess Pallas Athene in Cancer. There are diplomatic, compassionate solutions that can help us move forward in a new way. But all things positive and progressive right now, demand a shift in perspective. This New Moon in Gemini can help us see all sides of the story and find balance and flexibility in how we see things. We can stop, reset, and gently float into the dramatically new and different future that lies ahead.

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