Gemini New Moon – A New Bigger Picture

bigger pictureThere are some sweet aspects leading up to this New Moon in Gemini, gently nudging us around the sharp corners of our lives. It’s been an intense time, but perhaps its for a good reason. Neptune is still in trine to the North Node of the Moon, inviting us to dream into the future, and break through the delusions that might be in the way.

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It’s Venus’ turn to be in sextile with the North Node. Still at home in Taurus, Venus is bringing a openness to beauty and love. It’s a great time to enjoy and appreciate nature and Mother Earth. Venus says, relax, and let the love in.

It’s a sweet, but also sensitive time with all this water energy. Mars in Cancer will come up to the North Node the week after this New Moon. We are learning how to nurture ourselves, or rather, how to ALLOW ourselves to be nurtured. It’s taking some deep re-wiring, and a brand new perspective.

With Mercury at home in Gemini, with the Sun and the Moon, it’s a great time to rest and re-set the mind. With Saturn and Pluto coming so close to each other last month, it’s like we crossed over a threshold into the future. It’s a whole new game, and we need to take some time to get our head around it.


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