Gemini Full Moon – Time to Activate – December 12, 2019

gemini starsThere is so much happening around this Full Moon. It is clear message that we are moving into the intense energies of 2020. This Full Moon happens at 19, almost 20 degrees Gemini. This puts it in an exact ‘inconjunction’ aspect to Venus, Saturn and Pluto. Inconjunctions are directly across the zodiac, but one sign over, and are about an adjustment that needs to be made.

So there sits Venus directly between the big 2020 players Saturn and Pluto. This full moon in Gemini is saying that the structural breakdown and rebuild process has everything to do with finding balance within. Gemini represents the duality of male and female and finding peace between diametrically opposed parts of ourselves.

It’s time to end the inner battle and invite a sacred marriage of these disparage parts of our self. Venus has been on center stage as it was right next to Mercury as it turned retrograde in Scorpio, and close to Jupiter as they went over the Galactic Center. Now Venus has found herself sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto for this potent Full Moon.

Mercury finally leaves the sign of Scorpio, after two months in the sign, and moves into the broader horizons of Sagittarius. We made it through the long dark journey into the shadows. And now, all that we found is coming into the light.

Mars is making a sweet trine to Neptune, saying, we can do this, we can move forward, out of the mess we are in. We are still feeling Jupiter in square to Chiron, supporting us in deep psychic healing. It’s epic timing, as Chiron turns direct the day after this Full Moon. It’s time to take off the old worn and torn clothes of the past age, and move into a brand new identity.

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