Gaia Update: Total Lunar Eclipse – Jan. 21, 2019 – Breaking Free

Full+Moon+Lunar+EclipseLets come together and amplify our healing and resonance. Eclipses are portals of change. We are moving into a New World. Oh wait, we ARE the new world. It’s all hands on deck during this potent time of transition.

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There’s some powerful energy going on as we head into this Total Lunar Eclipse. Both the Sun and Mercury are in Capricorn, coming up to first Saturn, and then Pluto, speaking to the potent upcoming Astrology of 2020.

This is a changing of the guard. These planets in earthy Capricorn means it’s time to seriously adjust our physical world. We are in the midst of profound changes trying to happen to our reality. It’s making this Eclipse Season feel particularly weird.

The Full Moon Eclipse happens at 0 degrees Leo, telling us that the cornerstone to this process of changing our world, is a new chapter in expressing our true light. Just who do we think we are? This is the question we must address before these massive global changes can take place.

Leading up to this Eclipse, is a sweet message from Venus in Sagittarius in trine to Mars at home in Aries. We can work together and see across the line. It’s time to realize we all want the same thing in the end. We will no longer fall for the ‘divide and conquer’ agenda. After five times meeting in tension aspects in 2018, these planets are saying it is time to make peace with the enemy and see through the chaos to the other side of the story.

We are feeling an intense square, that happens three times this year, between Jupiter home in Sagittarius and Neptune home in Pisces. It’s a showdown, and everything you thought you knew as truth is up for review. In mutable signs, this square is a call to adjust our thinking, beliefs and delusions.

This Total Eclipse means that the Sun and the Moon are close to the Nodes of the Moon, which mean they are also in square to Uranus, at the end of Aries. This Square, that we have been feeling since September, is amplified now that Uranus has turned direct, and the Sun and the Moon are involved. We are moving into New Beginnings, and the old structures must, and will, have to fall.

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