Gaia Update: Sagittarius New Moon – New Horizons – Dec. 7, 2018

quest sagittariusThis New Moon happens at 15 degrees Sagittarius, right in the middle. It has an energy of supporting us in claiming back our joy, the quest, and our spiritual inspiration. We are coming out of dark times and are really feeling it with Mercury and Venus back in Scorpio. Mercury turns direct on the same day as this New Moon, moving back into Sagittarius on the 12th. Chiron turns direct on Sunday the 9th, leaving us with all planets direct except for Uranus. It’s finally time to move.

But to move forward into the light, we must face the shadows of darkness that have been holding us back. These have been coming up big time, all year, but especially in the last few months of so much Scorpio energy. Chiron turning direct, soon to be heading out of Pisces for good, says it is time to leave our woundedness behind. This Sagittarius New Moon is helping us to break free from these chains of the past and set out on a new journey, of new horizons.

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