Full Moon in Taurus – Love ThySelf

Taurus Bull Wallpaper Taurus Magmoose Wallpaper FlatThis Full Moon is happening Friday, November 3rd at 10:23pm, along side a few powerful exact aspects, or angles between planets.

Join me for a LIVE Activation to celebrate this powerful Full Moon in Taurus.

The Sun in Scorpio is exactly trine Neptune in Pisces, while Mercury, also in Scorpio trines up with Chiron. This brings harmonizing energy to facing the deep truths that all this Scorpio energy is bringing up. Jupiter expands whatever it comes into and so we are bringing light to the hidden, shadowy parts of our lives, that we have rather left unseen.

Its a bit uncomfortable, especially with Saturn, heading towards the Galactic Center, is in an exact square with Chiron. It is our destiny to clean up the dark, hidden memories of our past and our collective consciousness. What is it that keeps you repeating those same old negative patterns? It’s time to dive deep and pull it up by the roots.lotus roots

With asteroid Goddess Pallas Athene hanging out with the Moon and directly opposing Jupiter, there is energy for diplomacy and non-violence. It’s a great time to learn to love yourself through all of the shadows, and put down the enemy within. Mars our warrior planet is in compromising Libra. With these Mercury aspects, we are getting an opportunity to step back for greater understanding, see all sides of the story, and find forgiveness for ourselves and others.

Venus is in exact opposition to Uranus , the Awakener coming to the end degrees of the sign of incarnation, Aries. We are waking up to who we really are and Venus is saying it is time to re-arrange our value system accordingly.pisces dream

We are being asked to let go of the way we thought it was supposed to be, and surrender into the unknown. It’s difficult, but the Universe has our back with all of these harmonizing aspects. This Taurus Full Moon gives us a great opportunity to leave behind the destructive stories of the past and step into the next chapter.

Get the deep Intuitive support you need to step into that next chapter. Intuitive Healing with Adrienne Elise. 

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