Full Moon in Cancer: Sweet Surrender

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This Full Moon in Cancer on Jan. 12th joins the dramatic T square between Jupiter Pluto and Uranus, making it into a Grand Cross. But with Mars and Venus both in Pisces, this moon also brings some nurturing, harmonizing balance to all of the hard aspects.

Venus is hanging out with Neptune at 10 degrees, as Neptune finally moves beyond 9 degrees Pisces (been there since the end of Sept!). The Goddess is speaking to Neptune about what she can bring to the healing of the collective consciousness. Mars is bringing its action to Chiron, the wounded healer, and squaring Saturn. Saying lets get this revolutionary collective healing party started!

Mercury turned direct on the 8th bringing all of the planets in direct motion at once until Jupiter turns Rx on Feb. 6. This is telling us that the only way forward, is forward. Chiron and Mars square Saturn says its time to take action on letting go of the painful stories of the past. Mercury’s retrograde cycle from Capricorn, into Sagittarius, and back into Capricorn, wants to bring us the information we need about the revolutionary breakdown and rebuild that needs to happen in the authoritarian structures of our lives. Where do you give away your power?

The Sun visits Pluto in Capricorn just before this Full Moon, illuminating all that has been hidden. The nurturing water energy of these planets trining the moon can help us love ourselves through this rather intense time, to surrender and release the fight of resistance that comes when we hold on to the old. So that we may release it, lighten the load, and move forward into this massively activating and transformational new year of 2017.

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