Full Moon in Aries: Step Into a New Reality

ariesThis Aries New Moon is a transformational opportunity. So many powerful aspects are going on, some very harmonizing. If you want to step through to a new reality, this might be the perfect time.

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We’ve had a bunch of mystical rectangle energy between Virgo and Pisces. Mercury, Mars and Venus are all in Virgo and have been taking turns opposing Neptune and then Chiron in Pisces. Virgo wants to clean it up and with these personal planets, our male, our female and our mental understanding, we are trying to take a good Virgo-like discriminating look at what is really going on. It’s a good time to come out of delusion, see the truth and escape the matrix.

Mars and Venus coming together speaks to the male and female within and coming out of the illusion of separation. We’ve been taught to fight against the ‘other’ in this world, but that is getting old. Marts and Venus come together while opposing Chiron, urging us to heal our inner wounds around separation from Source Energy.loving couple

Big changes are on the way. Pluto turned direct on September 28. All of our large, trans-personal planets that represent the invisible world have been retrograde, changing it up behind the scenes. Pluto is a powerful planet that we really feel when it stations direct. Pluto wants to break down and uncover the essentials. In Capricorn, all structures of our lives are up for review.the tower

On that same day, we feel the exact opposition of Jupiter and Uranus, also both in Cardinal signs. There is tension in the air here between what is serving us and what is not serving us. What is being revealed, is where we have compromised our self away in our life. There is a great desire to claim back our personal power.

There is tension, but there is also magic, as the Sun-Moon opposition mirrors the Jupiter-Uranus making a mystical rectangle, portal to the new.portal space

It is a great opportunity to break free from whatever the chains that bind you. Aries wants freedom. And with Mercury opposing Chiron, we might finally get the information and perspective we have been waiting for, in order to really understand what has been holding us back.spring in step

Saturn trining up with the North Node of future karma in Leo brings out the fire and confidence to leap ahead. Even though Pluto turning direct can feel intense, the energy is further harmonized by a grand Earth trine between Pluto, Venus in Virgo, and Pallas Athene in Taurus. Our physical reality is being transformed to better match our vibrational reality. This Earth trine brings harmony to the process. Let your world evolve around you. Be ready to let go of every way you thought your life should be.

We are having an opportunity to connect to the living Earth more than we ever have. We are being invited to birth anew our individual fire into this world. Creative solutions are available for all of our issues. The energy is ripe for building new structures of power and belief that support and honor the divine feminine and the divine masculine, on Earth and within the human. A new birth for Unity consciousness.

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